The best commercials of the Superbowl

the Final playoff game of the National football League (Superbowl) is the most important sporting event in the United States, and therefore is the most expensive platform for television advertising. This year the cost of 30-second commercials per broadcast reached $5.6 million. Among those who have purchased the advertising slot, became the U.S. President Donald trump and the candidate for the post of the Democratic party Michael Bloomberg. Each candidate spent on advertising about $ 10 million. We present the most memorable commercials of the Superbowl.


Beer brand “Budweiser” is known for his classic phrase meme “Whassup” (“how are you”), which has appeared in the films “scary movie” and “the Office”. The authors beat the story in the realities of modern technology.


the Jeep took advertising in the style of “Groundhog Day” — a traditional American celebration in 2020, almost coincided with the Superbowl. The main role is played by bill Murray.

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew was invited to his movie star of the TV series “breaking bad”, Bryan Cranston. The company beat the movie “the Shining”.


Amazon has released a video with presenter Ellen DeGeneres. The plot of the advertising revolves around the idea of how people lived on the emergence of smart speakers Amazon voice assistant, Alexa.


Pringles took advertising with the characters of “Rick and Morty” Morty robot replacing touting chips.


the Star of “Game of thrones” Maisie Williams has appeared in commercials for Audi, where she sang a snippet of “Let it go” from “frozen.”

Michael Bloomberg

This video is dedicated to the subject of gun control. It may not be the funniest ads of the super bowl, butcandidat for President of the US Michael Bloomberg paid for the placement of this movie $11 million.