Under the brand name Corvette of the U.S. car company sold the most legendary of all American sports cars. Since 1953, the two seater will be offered as a Coupé and a Cabrio in the today, the seventh Generation, named C1 to C7. In the Design with was always the spirit of the times – of the legendary Stingray from the second Generation over the 14 years offered Coke-Bottle-shape of the third Generation to the wedge shape of the youngest generations.

The first Corvette, which today is called C1 and from 1953 to 1963 was built, had the reputation of a “Boulevard Sports Cars.”

After 33 years of a stolen 1979 Corvette recovered to their owners.

U.S. sales start for the convertible version of the Monster Corvette is still scheduled for this spring. The price of the ZR-1 convertibles is 120’000 dollars. What time is the 765 horsepower Ami-Roadster will be available with us, is not yet known. But anticipation is the greatest joy.

The body of the Corvette is stiffer, to bad Because she is trembling but still in the rafters. The spacious Cockpit is not high-quality, really classy. The comfort is good, the trunk (634 Liter) are huge, the Targa-medium roof panel easily removable.

The new Speerpsitze in the case of the Corvette, the Z06. The strongest stingrays in the 62-year history of the car manufacturer makes 659 HP and 881 Nm.

the new Version of The Chevrolet Camaro returns a response. The Muscle car is now also available with four-cylinder.

Since 1953, the Corvette is the best sports car in America. Now the seventh Generation of the duration of burner – starts with eleganterem, but still very masculine Design and plenty of new technology under the new guise. So there are now double-save control arm instead of the leaf springs on the rear axle, a seventh gear to the fuel, and a fully digital Cockpit.