At this year’s Japan Resilience Awards, Nissan was awarded as the only car manufacturer. The prizes will be awarded to companies and organisations that have contributed to the development of a resilient society for the next Generation.

the Nissan Leaf was Awarded a prize for its ability to provide by means of bi-directional Load during a disaster if the electricity for entire communities available. Nissan councils is currently working on 31 agreements with local administration, to be able to in the event of a natural disaster on the charge in its electric cars, electricity.

power from the E-cars

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to arrange According to the agreement, Nissan, the local municipalities, and citizens of electric cars available that you can use in case of power outages due to natural disasters as a source of electricity in evacuation centers and welfare facilities. Among the vehicles to be used, both vehicles are in the possession of local governments, as well as those that are used for Car-Sharing services and for test drives at Nissan dealers. In spite of Maxi-battery: Nissan’s new Leaf a Load still has the Problem of PCP in Spite of Maxi-battery: Nissan’s new Leaf still has a Charging Problem

reported In a press release on the presentation of the Awards, Nissan that in the past two years, more than eight million Japanese households had to contend with power outages due to natural disasters. In the memory of many still have the Tsunami Katatrophe in Japan.

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