The Bell: the Baring case can be finished before the end of the year, but no acquittals

Business Baring Vostok could be completed by the end of the year, but no acquittals Business Baring Vostok could be completed by the end of the year, but without acquittal / Tikhonov Mikhail

Baring Vostok on the anniversary of the detention of their colleagues released a video and launched a flash mob in support of defendants in the criminal case. “Our friends are under arrest for a year, but thanks to them, their Foundation and support many entrepreneurs in Russia were able to grow their company. February 12, 2020 the Moscow city court changed the preventive measure for Vahan Abgaryan, Maxim Vladimirov and Ivan Zyuzin on house arrest. But it’s still an arrest, the arrest is unjust and trumped up charges,” reads the accompanying text to the video. The other two, czars and Philip Delpal, was placed under house arrest in 2019.

According to sources, The Bell, it means that the defendants can be released in the near future or at least until the end of the year – but not necessarily with the acquittal.

a source close to the detainees argues that the court’s decision was unexpected for them, but the financier, witness for the case Baring, believes that prospects for criminal prosecution there, and it will be over soon.

According to one version, the trial will be in may 2020, the defendants are found guilty but with suspended sentences, which covered their stay in prison and under house arrest, and immediately after the court convicted can go free. In the acquittal, however, while no one believes.

meanwhile, a lawyer for the company Evison, through which Baring Vostok owns the “East”, told “Vedomosti” that the company is trying to challenge the option to transfer 10% of the shares of the company Avetisyan “Finviz”. On the option agreed in the merger “Uniastrum” and “Eastern”, but then refused to execute it – according to his statement, between the merger agreement and the actual merger Avetisyan brought from the Bank assets. When after six months of litigation, the Amur, the court decided to exercise an option, it seemed the defeat of Baring Vostok, which has lost control over the Bank.

Now, the matter came to light new facts as it turned out, the option to become effective only if the debt the First credit Bureau (PCB) for 2.5 billion roubles to the Bank were settled. In respect of that debt, the Bank received shares of the company IFTG and found the debt to be closed, but the complaint is that the stock allegedly was worth much less, and became a formal occasion to criminal case.