if you have any questions or doubts, go to a lot of the Belgians to turn to Google, and that is the Covid-19 times is no different. The virtual engine lijstte for the 15 most frequently asked questions about the corona virus in the past week in our country.

This is some of the top-15 is:
How long does it take feline corona virus? What is corona virus? How many people have been infected with the corona virus? Where is corona virus? Corona virus, how many deaths? How do you get infected with the corona virus? What is the mask against the corona virus? What is the incubation period feline corona virus? Corona virus how long contagious? When it stops, and the corona virus? How many people live in Belgium? How long is the flu? How to kill corona virus around the world? Corona virus, how long does it take you to get sick? How long will a dust mask to use?

SEE ALSO. What is the virus exactly? How do you get infected? What are the symptoms? To answer the most important questions.

Google will have in mind that there are in our country, since February 28, more, googled for ‘corona virus’, then go to the back, which is traditionally the leader, is in search of the Belgians. There is also a remarkable increasing interest for surgical masks, business and wash your hands.

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346.000 people to fill the corona, a survey, in: “The Belgian people have understood the seriousness of the situation is. Now, to keep on going, because this is a kantelweek”

less than 346.000 Belgians on Tuesday that the weekly survey from the University of Antwerp and completed it.
LIVE corona virus. Follow the latest developments in The spread of the corona virus has been around the world more in check. You can follow everything closely…