In countries such as the United States, Canada, australia and some European countries, the gehamster of the toilet paper into a massive resort” to alternatives such as wet cleaning cloths, which are then flushed out and cause blockages. That the report of the Belgian rioolwaterzuiveraar Aquafin.

over The last few weeks have been the coronamaatregelen quite a gehamsterd is in the department stores. Now that is the inventory of toilet paper at the grocery stores to reduce, to grab more people, than to the alternatives, it sounds like it’s in the rioolbeheerder.

we are a full-hygiene-stress would also be of skin care and beschermingsattributen, such as gloves and wet the toilet paper to be flushed out, but also of wood and even stukgescheurde articles of clothing are to be flushed out, it will tell you the company, the contact had to do with the rioolbeheerders from a variety of countries.

In Belgium, the problem for the time being, have not, however, Aquafin wants to be there to point out that only ordinary toilet tissue can be flushed. Wet wipes, for example, would be damage to the sanitary drain from the house or the pumping of water or Aquafin. This is also the case when, according to the packaging is biodegradable, it would have been, according to the company.

in Addition to the raw sewage or solid particles of the corona virus. However, this is not emphasized Marjoleine Weemaes, teaching and research at the Aquafin. The number of virus particles in the waste water by, for example, gastroenteritis is much higher than in the case of the solar corona. That’s kind of a virus is much more dangerous for our employees, what it sounds like.