finally, The real gross domestic product (gdp) in Belgium in 2020, eight per cent could fall as a result of the coronacrisis. This is evident from an analysis of the National Bank of belgium and the Federal Planning bureau. In the first quarter would fall to around four percent, in the second round of the fifteen-percent of the time.

The impact of the coronaschok on the state of public finances, it would the budget deficit increase to 7,5% of gdp to 1.8 per cent by 2019). The debt ratio, that is, in 2019, for the first time in eight years, under the symbolic threshold of 100 per cent of the gdp, dropped down, safe in the National Bank of belgium and the Federal Planning bureau, this year’s 115 per cent.

Seven weeks

In their analysis, were the two institutions in a situation in which the restrictive measures taken by the national security council, a total of seven weeks, and the value-added of the private sector with a one-third decline. Then, according to the model, a period of gradual recovery in about nine months, after which the level of economic activity is once again on the groeitraject prior to the crisis, they are 2 percentage points lower.

The recovery in the second half of the year will bring, according to the analysis in the next year to continue. In 2021 it would be gdp, again, with 8.6 percent growth.

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