The medical staff of the Belgian armed forces have been deployed in a privérusthuis in sint-jans-molenbeek, as confirmed by the Brussels regional minister of Health of Alain Maron (Ecological). This includes nurses, who are overworked members of staff come in to assist. In Lustin, in the Names, the army will be deployed on Friday, said the minister of Defence, Philippe Goffin (MR) in the Room. The ministry of defence.

now, In sint-jans-molenbeek is going to be the Residence Archambeau, a privérusthuis with 81 residents and it is normally given to 50 members of staff. “You know, I have only 10 employees,” testified director of the Hotel Daniel in COMPANY. “Since the beginning of the crisis, and have been here for 7 coronadoden them.”

The manager had to say was no other option than to have the support of the army to call on. “It all started when Iriscare < / I> (with the setting up of the Brussels-based healthcare, ed.) and asked us to get our home to close to outside visitors, and our residents are in their room. It was not self-evident. The only people who are still in and were were healthcare providers. But, we did have a sick person, then a sick man, then a second, a sick employee,… The situation became unbearable and we had to contend with the lack of protective equipment, such as handgels, and surgical masks. Nursing homes are not hospitals. The sector is at the beginning of the crisis, and to raise the alarm, but no one has listened to us.”

The director is allowed to rely on the eighth reinforcements, mainly of nurses from the country’s armed forces. According to a legerwoordvoerder going to be the army, on Friday, at work, in the establishment at Lustin and means of Defence is available to a number of other institutions.

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