Association of entrepreneurs of beauty industry professionals (APIC) has demanded from the Moscow authorities to name the date when the business will be able to resume work. It is reported owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC.

The Association drew attention that in this industry involved one percent of the working population of Russia. Explains that the delay in the timing of the opening leads to the fact that the staff begins to provide services at home, often ignoring the security requirements.

APIC notes that the beauty industry in most regions will be able to do without additional help from the state only in case, if you can start work in early June. There have warned that, in General, about 30 percent of the business market will not be able to survive the summer season.

Also, the Association pointed out that some of the requirements developed by CPS is impossible. For example, change of working clothes three or four times a day will increase the cost of services at 250-350 rubles. In this way, customers are not willing to increase their spending.

On 22 may, the journalists revealed the value of the illegally hairdressing services provided in Russia during the regime of isolation imposed due to the outbreak of coronavirus. According to media reports, the price of services going to the house of hairdressers varies from 250 to 5 thousand roubles: the cost depends on the complexity of rendered procedure. It is noted that ads from professionals appear online every day.

19 may, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin assessed the timing of the opening of beauty salons in the city. “No Barber, no one has died, and those who do not receive routine medical care, they will be just critical patients,” he said.