Specifically to the holiday season, gastronomic projects has developed special services for cooking on the grill or campfire. Billet restaurant level for skewers of different meats and burgers, without which today can not do any BBQ, brought home, and in some cases directly to the country.Line BBQ from RibambelleРесторан Ribambelle during the quarantine, has shown itself as a project, able to anticipate trends, quickly and efficiently to meet current demand. In early summer, the project introduced their line BBQ is a blank in the marinade from the chef vacuum-Packed, which can only get and bake on the campfire, grill or in the oven. And if that’s not the situation allows, and in the pan.For diehard meat-eaters have a ribeye steak, rack of lamb, filet Mignon and shish kebab from different kinds of meat — lamb, Angus beef and pork. To each of them the chef came up with a marinade. For example, beef is marinated in a mixture of juniper berries, coriander and paprika. For fans of the burgers, too, have a billet, and at the average price of a Burger in the restaurant. Fans of lighter dishes like grilled vegetables, fish in herbs and seafood (king prawns, squid and mussels kiwi). For children there is mini-kebabs and classic for the family table, a delicious chicken, which the chef advises to bake along with the potatoes with mushrooms (in vacuum).Select and order all the dishes at the restaurant, delivery will be carried out in a contactless manner.Barbecue with the Maison DellosВоспользовавшись service delivery Dellos Delivery, can be ordered as ready meals, cooked on fire, restaurant “Kazbek”, “Barrel” and “tavern”, and blanks for a barbecue. All of this can be found in the menu of restaurants on the website and in the catalogue astromarkt in the section “Barbecue”. We will remind, restaurant holding Maison Dellos launched this online project in mid-April. To be in the regime of full readiness, it should be added to the order sauces, pita bread and the best available coal briquettes Weber. Among the blanks “Kazbek” — skewers of chicken, pork, lamb, salmon with Narsharab sauce and the signature rack of lamb in the sauce. From the restaurant “Bochka” will be the classics of the genre — kebabs from Turkey, chicken and beef marinated in a firm: chef Igor Bednyakov prefer to soak them in wine, which makes the meat soft. The vegan grill from the “Garden City”of vegan products That can be cooked on the grill? This question is the command “the Garden City” and not changing his DNA, gathered the range of products for grilling, which includes exclusively vegan products, as well as light meals. For example, the marinated tofu grilled and ready sets of vegetables, sweet potato or potato wedges with rosemary for grilling or baking, the vegan steak and vegan salmon, successfully combined with humously and HLS sauces of own production. Complement set of the day in the fresh air can be useful lemonades and fruit drinks without sugar and bread from green buckwheat gluten-free.At the same time abandon burgers or hot dogs don’t have. If you’ve always wanted to try food from alternative meat, it is now possible to prepare them. The “Garden City” the menu has vegan burgers and sausages from the meat alternative brand Beyond Meat. They’re made with plant-based ingredients, it is noted that in the development of this project have invested Microsoft founder bill gates, Twitter co-founder BIZ stone, actor Leonardo Di Caprio and many other rich people who care about the future of the world (51% of all greenhouse gas emissions globally, accounts for meat production). Vegan burgers are assembled in the “designer”, bun can be replaced by a fitness option, with a salad. BBQ-shop White Rabbit FamilyОткрывшаяся in late April, a shop, a restaurant holding White Rabbit Family immediately struck by the wealth of choice. Online showcase seems to be all kinds of meat (including vegetable), fish and seafood (there’s even octopus), suitable for barbecue. In addition to the blanks in the author’s marinades applied to a dish recipe and tips from the brand-chef Vladimir Mukhin. A special advantage of this grill of the project is the abundance of farmer’s vegetables. For example, now as a seasonal offer, you can find white asparagus, Crimean green peas, radishes Saratov. The publication of the White Rabbit Home (@whiterabbit_home) May 4, 2020 at 8:24 PDTЗаказ issued on the project website or by phone. An indisputable advantage of the project is in delivery, which is carried out, including outside the Moscow ring road up to 10 km.