Chef Antonin Mousseau-Rivard and actress Debbie Lynch-White are teaming up at Zeste to host a brand new show coming in 2024.

Entitled La coupe BBQ, this new show will allow eight chefs to compete in duels. Their goal: to compete in creativity and know-how in a bid to win the title of master of the grill. It is Antonin Mousseau-Rivard who will determine the winner of each duel.

A theme will be imposed on competitors during the 10 30-minute episodes that make up the show.

The participating chefs are Mathieu Masson-Duceppe (from the restaurant Jellyfish crudo charcoal), Simon Jodoin Bouchard (Cantine Urbaine Chez Simon), Dominic Lamirande (Dom Cooks), Dominique Rioux (winner of the weekend burger in 2018), Jean-Rony Poteau (owner of a catering service), Fanny Lehouiller (participants in Les Chefs! in 2017), Samuel Joubert (who runs the blog Le Coup de Grâce) and Hugo Saint-Jacques (notably executive chef of the Zeste kitchens).

The series, which airs in 2024, is currently filming.