the police in Bavaria may not be visible tattooing. The Bavarian administrative court has decided. A 42-year-old high Commissioner had complained that the police headquarters middle Franconia had forbidden him to leave the Hawaiian word “Aloha” on his left forearm tattoo.

The policeman had spent in 2008 on his honeymoon in Hawaii and wanted to immortalize the Tattoo a permanent reminder on his body. “Aloha” is Hawaiian for welcome, the word also means compassion, love and kindness. According to the judgment of the officials expressed disappointment. “I don’t understand,” he said.

In the first instance, the policeman in 2016, had already complained to the administrative court in Ansbach. The dismissed the suit on the grounds that it encroached on the fundamental right to personal development, if a COP should not carry any visible Tattoos.

The judgment of the Bavarian administrative court is final and is of fundamental importance for all police officers in Bavaria. You may now carry only tattoos, if they are hidden, and no discriminatory or anti-constitutional content.

Other States handle dealing with Tattoos more generous: In Berlin or Baden-Württemberg, for example, subtle forearm are allowed to have Tattoos at police officers. According to a study by the University of Leipzig by 2017 is now tattooed every fifth German.