next Friday it is that time again: the Worldwide student protest for more climate protection. The movement means Fridays for the Future, it was founded by Greta Thunberg (16). Within a very short time, the climate streiterin has become an icon. There are, however, more and more young activists, who are fighting for their specific concerns. For human rights, for example, and for democracy. You do not want to accept the rules of the adult longer. They rehearse the uprising.

For example, Thandiwe Abdullah (16), the founder of the organization Black Lives Matter Youth Vanguard in Los Angeles (United States). She fights for the rights of young African-Americans. Thandiwe is now one of the most listened-to voices in the United States, when it comes to social justice: “I want to change the System in which we live,” says the civil rights activist.

Thandiwe belongs to the so-called Generation Z – Teens doing it right. You want to tickets is not a new youth centre or a cheap Museum. You want a transformation of society.

activists get society out of the comfort zone

“The Generation of Z is radical,” says Francis Cheneval (57), a Professor of political philosophy at the University of Zurich. “The young activists to get the company out of the comfort zone. They disrupt the sense of normality because you lost and say that The normalcy comes to their limits.”

Therefore, compromises are not your thing. Greta Thunberg says: “We can’t save the world if we play by the rules.” The Swede wants to change. The question is: are children Allowed to that?

no, the adult. In social networks and the comment of the online media columns, you criticize the young activists sharply. The basic tenor: children belong in school, not to the WEF. You can still take no responsibility, are naive and prone to exploitation and Manipulation. Therefore, you should leave the solution of political, economic and social problems, you will not understand anyway, the adults.


Joshua Wong from Hong Kong, to outspoken, to have a pair of school hours truant: “Instead of focusing on the notes, should we take better care of the city.” In September 2014, the then 17-Year-old went to the streets to demonstrate for General and free elections.

“tell The parents that we use ourselves in the future,” cried the petite glasses in this rainy protest days, his comrades-in-arms, “but what future do we have under the current political System? Students need to show adults that they can’t make all the rules.”

The umbrella movement soon gained an inlet, and shook the China-controlled Hong Kong Establishment. Joshua was a Star

“Know your parents, what are you doing?”

International journalists rushed to Hong Kong. And what was it that interested you the most? A CNN Reporter to Joshua: “do your parents Know actually, what are you doing?” Yes, you knew it. And Worried. To right was: 2017 Joshua sentenced to six months in prison; the enforcement of free elections did not succeed. However, in 2020, he’s running for Parliament. He wants to resist the pressure that is there waiting for him. And his goal.

the young activists raise their voice at the same time on all continents, is no coincidence. “They are the Digital Natives,” says Francis Cheneval. “You know how to deal with social media. You can connect quickly across borders.” Therefore, such movements were not restricted to the West. “The Poorest are networked.”

trouble with the police

their agility in dealing with new media that protects you but not in front of it, to lose control of your Public image, as the Palestinian Ahed Tamimi (18) was on.

in 2017 to handle the girl, the Israeli security forces searched the home of your family. A Video of this altercation that brought you finally to the prison, went on Youtube to the world and made Ahed to the media star of the Palestinian liberation movement. In the eyes of the Israelis, however, it is a violent arsonist; they sentenced her to eight months in prison. Now, it is for the young activist is no longer possible to control their Image of self and to evade capture by the forces, which have other objectives than you.

to Be? at the end not all of the youth activists to media products, which have their own effect, no more Power “These are often write-UPS of adults,” says media scholar Heinz Bonfadelli (70). “The danger that children and young people are to media products, is not greater than in adults, too.”


In any case, the young activists sought notices are signs. And that has its pitfalls. Six years ago, the then ten-year-old Indonesian woman, Isabel founded Wijsen with her two years older sister Melati the Initiative, “Bye Bye Plastic Bags”. Your goal is to get rid of Bali’s beaches of plastic waste, it has now reached almost. She has performed with their demands for more environmental protection, even before the UN and at various international conferences, most recently two weeks ago at the World Tourism Forum in Lucerne. There is a daily cost of admission, between 600 and 900 Swiss francs. The Grassroots appearance activist at such forums, is quite controversial and is criticised for that.

Such criticism is not met Adut Akech (19) so far. She knows how to keep the control over the Image. The international supermodel was born in Sudan and spent her Childhood in a Kenyan refugee camp. Today, through the “Vogue” famous face in the refugee aid is committed and ensures that the stories of their homeland, find free fellow citizens.

If climate activists, civil rights activist or top models: are not The children of Generation Z naive. You break the rules of adults, deliberately. If it is not interested in you. To The Right. You have other priorities.