All the results from the 14 delstatsvalgene is not yet inside, however, three lessons are clear:

Vice president Joe Biden is back. The democratic election to come is going to be about two men: Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. A fight between Sanders and Biden will split The democratic party.

Sanders and Biden also share US between themselves: While Joe Biden won the states in the south, the east and Texas, won the Bernie Sanders populous California and Colorado. Biden is doing well with moderates and older voters, while Bernie Sanders appeal to the young people and voters with Latin american background. Not least, brand the two The democratic party: Joe Biden is partiapparatets clear favorite, while Bernie Sanders is outsideren from the left.

Bernie Sanders won California, but it was Biden who can smile the widest after Tuesday’s 14 delstatsvalg.

Photo: Matt Rourke / AP

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1. Why did Joe Biden so well?

Former vice president Joe Biden had the evening’s biggest smiles and won nine of 14 states and surprised many. Especially the victory in Texas is important.

The last few days, The democratic party largely lined up behind Biden. The two moderate candidates Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar resigned and asked their voters to support Biden. Here we see a strong partiapparat that mobilize against Bernie Sanders, who is clearly to the left of centre in the party. Biden is doing well with african american voters, and there were many of them in important states like Virginia and North Carolina. A number of states Biden now won are republican states, and voted for Donald Trump in the presidential election in 2016. the

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2. Who of them has best chances to beat Donald Trump?

For many democratic voters, that’s what it’s all about: Who can win against Donald Trump 3. november. The national polls say a majority of the respondents that they think Bernie Sanders has the best chances to beat the Trump. These measurements are made before Tuesday’s election and Bidens victories, so this may change.

In 2016, kept many democratic voters at home, including in the important vippestater as Michigan and Wisconsin. In 2020 should the democrats get more of their polling stations: the question is whether it is Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden who can create enthusiasm among most voters.

Who is the strongest card to beat Trump?

3. What happens to the future?

Bernie Sanders wins the United states ‘ most populous state, California, and bring with them a high number of delegates from the west coast. This is important for Sanders to keep up with Biden. Already the next Tuesday, going six new states to the selection. We can expect a tougher tone between the two. In the background cheering Donald Trump over a divided democratic party.

the Goal of the long election campaign is to secure at least 1991 the delegates to the Democratic united in June. Super Tuesday distributed 1357 of them, i.e. 34 per cent of the total number of delegates. If none of the candidates has a majority in June, is a so-called brokered convention, that the congress choose in two phases. It has not happened since 1952.

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Elizabeth Warren has fought hard, but didn’t make it up.

Photo: Scott Olson / AFP

4. What happens with Elizabeth Warren?

Elizabeth Warren lost his own state, Massachusetts, which in practice means that she has no future in the election. She has not managed to distinguish itself in the election campaign, and got just over 15 per cent of the votes in five of the eight states. She does not, however, and in any case with the next round 10. march, according to a letter she sent to his followers on the night of Wednesday.

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If she gives herself, is likely to be more of her voters to support Bernie Sanders.

5. What happens with Michael Bloomberg?

Money is important in american politics. But 500 million dollars is still not enough to buy herself a nomination in The democratic party, at least not for Michael Bloomberg. Billionaire from New York has, according to the american media spent over 500 million dollars of his own fortune on the short election campaign. Bloomberg won its first delegates on Tuesday, but did not do well enough to be able to count as any serious candidate in the future. Now case it in the when he will retire. He will probably support Biden.

When the democratic election to be Donald Trumps challenge started was the 28 men and women who would be the Democratic presidential candidate – now it’s five again. But in practice, there are only two men this now is all about: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.