Hansi Flick and Thomas Müller have extended their contracts at Bayern recently in 2023, even with playmaker Thiago signs on an extension of the contract, condense.

The contract negotiations between Manuel Neuer and the record Champions have stalled meanwhile. As the “kicker” reports, it could take up to a “final decision” for weeks or even months – even a farewell from Munich of Bavaria to drag the captain into consideration. As a possible change options for Manchester City with Ex-Bayern Coach Pep Guardiola and Chelsea apply. Germany bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good cause

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The AZ shows the points at which an extension fails currently.

1. Differences in contract details

A sticking point should be the maturity of the future contract. New is currently up to 30. June 2021 at the FC Bayern bound.

The 34-Year-old is supposed to want until the summer of 2025 extend Bayern’s offer but only for two years plus an Option. In the more Mature Pro-age, shorter contract periods at FC Bayern, it’s common to 2025 Bavaria’s captain would already be 39 years old.

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in Addition, apart both parties on the subject of content as well. New and his Advisor Thomas Kroth said to have an annual salary of 20 million euros required. A sum, to be met with the person in charge of the record master to a lack of understanding.

Within the team, it is speculated, according to the “image” that the loan of Philippe Coutinho and world champion Lucas Hernández should have received more than 20 million euros a year.

2. Obligation by Alexander Nübel

As the successor of the New have taken the Bavarians already from the summer of the Schalke Alexander Nübel by 2025 under the contract. The 23-Year-old should be in the coming season, some of the games guaranteed to have been.

Also had shown a New last a little excited. “I’m not a Statist, but the Protagonist and always wants to play,” he said.

3. Relationship of trust disturbed

The basis of trust between the captain of the national team and the FC Bayern is according to “kicker”information welfare “greatly shaken”. Accordingly, the 34 should regurgitation-Year-olds mad that the content can be accessed from the contract negotiations to the Public.

Currently, the talks did not rest, supposedly, a compromise was in sight. The “willingness to have further discussions” should be “current rather low”.

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