Cops went out to the playgrounds, a ishus and skaterbaner to see if too many persons were assembled.

In these days in the police the country over a part of time to come out to check on the new coronaregler be observed. For example, if there gather more than ten people in one place, or on pubs or other open despite the ban.

In Vestsjælland got a hairdresser on Tuesday restrained feel. In One area was the 70-year-old woman revealed in to run the business on in the home, and it cost her a fine of 10,000 dollars, informs the south Zealand and Lolland-Falster Police.

In Aarhus, continued with a brothel operation in spite of the epidemic. Because of an ad for sexual services relegated the police early Tuesday morning out to the site and presented a 26-year-old peruvian woman for a charge. Here also is the fine of 10,000 dollars, informs east Jutland Police.

In addition, ushers in Sydøstjylland been out to check the two skaterbaner, a ishus, a flower shop and areas at a school, and a couple of playgrounds to see if there were too many people gathered in one place, inform this police in a press release Wednesday.

When they arrived, it appeared that the guidelines were respected – or were there no people to see.

a day up to Wednesday have Sydøstjyllands Police not raised the charges, it appears.