The Bank of Russia will prohibit bankers to go abroad

the Package of bills on this subject, developed with the participation of the Bank of Russia submitted to the state Duma Vice-speaker Irina Yarovaya, head of the Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman of the Committee on natural resources, property and land relations Nikolay Nikolaev and several other members.

the Idea of this ban began to be discussed after the Exodus of bankers in London with hundreds of billions of rubles withdrawn assets

Managers and owners of financial institutions, which led them to criminal bankruptcy or reorganization, time to leave the country with a pre-derived assets, the authors of the initiative. Among the “runaway” of the bankers Andrei Borodin (former co-owner of the Bank of Moscow), Sergei Pugachev (Mezhprombank), George Bejanov (Russia), Ilya Yurov, Nikolay Fetisov and Sergey Belyaev (“trust”). Quick ban on travel needed not only for criminal prosecution, but in order to more money to repay creditors and to offset the costs of the regulator to rescue the Bank, the insurer and pension Fund.

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One of the bills introduced just facilitates the formal establishment of the real beneficiaries are the banks, pension funds, insurance companies and the arrest of accounts, securities and real estate for subsequent recovery from the losses and bringing to vicarious liability.

at the right time to impose through the courts seizure of property of beneficiaries, including the hidden “corporate veil”, the Bank of Russia will maintain lists controlling persons, the very definition of such a person is expanded.

the Idea to create a simplified mechanism that would stop the flow of bankers in London and other attractive jurisdiction, has been actively discussed when the campaign to recall personsANSI banks was in full swing. At the meeting with the President of the Russian Federation in September 2016 the Governor of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina noted that citizens who do not pay for utility services or traffic fines, can not release abroad, and “bankers with such huge amounts of debt leave quietly”. Then the President gave instructions to consider this issue.

the Bill required a prolonged interagency coordination, including with the Prosecutor’s office and the interior Ministry, says Anatoly Aksakov. A lot of discussion, he said, demanded the rules relating to the controlling entities. Now that the Bank of Russia withdrew from the main market of unfair players, the mechanism of restrictions on travel will be of a more preventive nature. “It will be isolated cases, the law itself becomes a preventive measure that limits the abuse of the bankers,” – said Aksakov.

“the Bank of Russia grateful to the deputies for the fact that they drew attention to the need to improve preventive mechanisms against violations in the financial market”, – told the “Russian newspaper” the representative of the Governor.

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“as far As such a measure would be effective, the practice will show, because the owners of distressed companies can in advance to leave the territory of Russia, without waiting for the introduction against themselves of restrictive measures. However, in any case it will be better than current practice”, – said the managing Director of insurance and investment ratings Agency “Expert RA” Alexey Yanin.

presentation of the Central Bank’s administrative claim will be the basis for adoption by the court of provisional measures in the form of temporary restriction on departure for up to six months. Such a statement, the Bank of Russia will be able to submit only if VVEDenia temporary administration, revocation of a license or the decision on reorganization.

According to one of the bills, the Bank of Russia will be able to analyze the activities of banks, pension funds and insurers to identify situations that threaten the rights and legitimate interests of insured persons, as well as the stability of the entire financial market. In fact, such a rule increases the base of the regulator to carry out financial rehabilitation of unstable players. Thus, according to Aksakov, the active use of remedial mechanism in the event of passing bills he doesn’t expect. The radical impact of this measure on the financial market will not have – in fact it clarifies a number of existing powers of the Central Bank, said Janine.