The ban on holding mass events in Russia entered into force

According to the decision of the operational headquarters under the Government of the country’s entertainment and leisure centres should be suspended. In regions have already started to take action.

All sporting, public and other mass events indoors under a ban. According to the decision of the operational headquarters under the Government of the country should be suspended and the activities are entertaining as well as leisure centres. The corresponding order developed in the Khabarovsk Krai. Who is affected and what measures have been taken in connection with the threat of the spread of coronavirus?

Cinemas, night clubs, entertainment centers, children’s playrooms. Order to hold the heads of all regions of the country. The last days a lot of schools have worked with the restriction that time took no more than 50 people. Now the ban is applied to all activities in confined areas. In addition, it is not allowed and Smoking hookahs in the bars and restaurants. But the latter is near-empty.

government orders and prepare places for observation. One reformatted in Khabarovsk. Another option now being considered. The leadership of the hotel “Intourist” sent a request about the possibility of deployment in a building with a restaurant, cafe, conference facilities, where still only completed reconstruction, the quarantine station.

Introduced monitoring of prices of essential commodities and their availability in stores. Now considering the question of delivery of the products to those who can’t get out of the house, with the involvement of courier services and volunteers, as well as online trade. Moreover, the demand is already there.

His work revolutionizing the clinics and hospitals. Cancelled clinical examination and examination, pending possible planned hospitalization. General practitioners focused on helping those who are quarantined. For speed and mobility therapists 10 official vehicles of the regional administration center lent the citym clinics.