Apparently, UEFA have finally accepted the fact that the Champions League and the Europa League is unlikely to finish in the traditional format. And now considering alternative options. Most likely at the moment considered the “Final eight”, involving the rejection of dvuhraundovom confrontations, starting with the quarter-final stage.

in order to minimize all risks associated with the coronavirus, UEFA wants to spend ligachampion mini-tournament in one country. Initially, the priority used to be a Turkey, because even before the pandemic the European Cup final was given to Istanbul. However, due to the tense epidemiological situation of UEFA and the Turkish option, apparently, already refused.

According to Bild, the desire to replace Turkey expressed the three countries. In addition to Russia, it is still Germany and Portugal, which foreign media has been repeatedly named as a possible refuge for the Champions League.

But the German colleagues favorite in this list consider my application. According to them, Germany offers to host the tournament in four cities: Frankfurt, Mainz and Darmstadt Hoffenheim or. The main logistic criterion that, according to Bild, makes UEFA is to have four stadiums within a radius of 100 kilometers.

assuming this parameter as a determining, Russia and the rest looks quite competitive. One only Moscow has five upscale arenas. But can our country really intends to compete for the right to host the decisive matches of the Champions League?

For a review of the domestic media, as expected, addressed to the General Director of the organizing Committee of the Russian part of the 2020 European championship Alexey Sorokin, behind which work in a similar position in the organizing Committee of the 2018 world Cup. If Russia is going to participate in the project of the scale of the Champions League, then who, if not him, to know all the details.

However, according to Alexei Kudrin, to him on this question no one asked.

“Officially, UEFA this discussion associated with Russia, was not – quoted functionary “f-Sport”. – But I can only be based on official meetings. The opportunity to hold such a tournament is in many countries, Russia among them, of course. Of course, we would do everything at its best. But it’s difficult to talk about this because, as far as I know, discussions like this no.”

But the honorable President of the Russian football Union (RFU) Vyacheslav Koloskov in an interview with “RG” stressed that even if Russia really wants to host the Champions League, its chances are minimal.

– first, in some countries of Western Europe are already hard at national Championships. In others – is about to begin. We are starting June 19. That is, with serious Polishbuilding. Secondly, in Europe between countries of the EU has opened borders, allowed the tourists. Our borders are still closed. The desire to offer oneself is commendable, but realistically the chances are very small.

is there Enough two months for organizing a mini-tournament of the Champions League?

Vyacheslav Koloskov: Time is really less and less. The Champions League is not in play skittles. Need to do some work with sponsors, advertisers, TV, with the audience.

what about the format without an audience?

Vyacheslav Koloskov: If it is possible to hold a tournament with spectators, who will go on to play without fans in the stands?

Note that at the time of publication the official reaction of the RFU to the information of Bild was not.

In any case, to wait for certainty is very long. The final verdict on all matters relating to the completion of the European Cup, will be adopted according to the results of the UEFA Executive Committee, appointed for June 17. It was assumed, incidentally, that it will be held on 27 may, but then postponed the meeting for the summer. However, UEFA will surely understand: infinitely postpone the moment x will not work.

but Russia without Champions League final still will not. Recall that the decisive match of the tournament next season should take St. Petersburg.