Ironically, on Valentine’s day broke, the love of the Bachelor, Clive Bucher (27) and his elect Sanja Trokici (27). “The distance was a Problem. Because we both have a lot to do, it was difficult to see us regularly,” said the muscleman at the time of the separation reason. Clive lives in Aargau, an Austrian, Sanja in Vienna.

This is a Problem that the beautiful blonde has now: As you “reveals 20min”, has landed herself a man from the Austrian capital. A lot of would not like to reveal Sanja but about the new man at your side. Only that he was businessman. And: “I am very madly in love with him and very happy.”

Sanja’s best friend brought them together

to know you have your friend by your best friend: “you gave us each other. First, we were only friends, but have started soon, us to data.”

And what the Bachelor says that his Chosen of a Different kind of roses get? Still nothing at all: “I have with Clive, still in contact, but he doesn’t know, nor know.”

Not only in love, but also in the career, it is over for the 27-Year-old is currently. Since the “Bachelor”season in it Sanja “super”: “I’ve travelled and have explored some of the countries.” In the process, they gained money. Because the former law firm employee to a new branch of the profession: “I can now work from anywhere as Influencerin.”

by the Way, the current Bachelorette Andrina Santoro (26) three weeks after the last episode still happy with your winner, Kenny (23). “We can’t without each other. As soon as we see us one day, we miss us!” the Fitness Model says to “SI Online”. (klm)