muscle woman goes to catch Men! As “” writes, should be the new Bachelorette. Andrina Santoro (26) is to twist the candidates in South Africa the heads.

The Zurich-has Italian roots and celebrates on Instagram success. Over 270’000 Followers celebrate the curves, and nutrition tips for the Fitness-Influencerin. Bodybuilding is written in your life big. So you should have already taken part in competitions and even won. For the perfect body Santoro not only to the gym, but has also been under the knife: “I had my Breasts in Belgrade.”

at the end of April the new season starts on 3+. For the first Time the Flirt Action takes place in Thailand. The transmitter itself does not want to speak about the rumors. However, a family member of a Fitness-lover, is said to have confirmed their participation: “Andrina had no clever men. Hopefully it works out well for the Bachelorette.” (klm)