the Name Sandra Alter38WohnortZürichBerufKauffraugrösse1,65 metres instagram@sand_lato

It was the Surprise of the third episode: Sandra (38) in addition, joined as a new candidate for the Cast. The rest of the Ladies she sang a song, before Patric Haziri (29) let the bomb burst. The Situation was “easy”. Also, because she was afraid of the reactions of the other candidates.

The Bachelor with the power to make a new experience and “a man under very special and unique conditions.” Whether Patric corresponds to your prey scheme? She describes her dream man: “He should be intelligent, respectful and beautiful inside and outside!”

her last relationship lasted for six years. Sandra explains: “they failed because of cultural Differences. He was a German and I’m Italian.”

No Sex during the shoot

Sex means you are in a partnership a lot, but “but that’s not all”. Also, it’ll be with her no spontaneous tryst in the rotation. Because it clarifies: “in Front of the camera, there is no Sex.”

addressed to It, what are you disturb in your own body, do not need to think about Sandra for a long time: “My Butt!” The clerk has exactly the ideas of your buttock. “I would like to have a cute butt,” she says.