of 30.7 per cent in June increased the average daily turnover of the capital of the enterprises of trade and services. This was stated by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Yefimov.

March 28 catering establishments worked only on delivery and takeaway. Companies providing domestic services have almost completely stopped working, there were only open shops selling food and Essentials, as well as pharmacies and pet stores. The restrictions were imposed in connection with a complicated epidemiological situation.

From 1 June the decision was made to open the enterprises, rendering household services, including food stores, dry cleaners and repair shops of footwear, and since June 9, earned a hairdressing and beauty salons.

On June 16 opened a summer café, and on June 23 in the fully earned all catering establishments.

the Lifting of the measures had a positive impact on the recovery of the Metropolitan economy.

the Minister of Moscow Government, head of Department of economic policy and development Kirill Purtov.

said that in comparison with the period of 23-29 March, the average daily turnover of the services sector increased by 14 percent, private dentistry — 26 percent, of the media and the production of printed products by 29 per cent, of catering for 61 per cent of the hospitality industry — in 2.2 times, but in the sphere of culture, sports and entertainment — more than four times.