it was on the online press-conference in TASS said the Deputy Minister of natural resources and ecology of Russia – head of Federal Agency of a forestry Sergey Anoprienko.

According to him, the main reason for this reduction is the increased efficiency of the beginning of the fire fighting.

“According to the results of the audit in February from 27 Russian regions, there are “limited readiness” to fire season, – said Sergey Anoprienko. Now some shortcomings remained only in the Kurgan region, all other regions of the Federation is fully ready.”

According Anoprienko, if necessary, to extinguish forest fires can be brought to 180 thousand people, more than 6,6 thousand units. The country deployed more than a thousand fire stations.

“the Federal reserve includes 660 professional firefighters paratroopers, now half of them are involved in the extinguishing of fires in the Amur region and Transbaikalia, – continued Sergei Anoprienko. – Due to the interaction with EMERCOM of Russia, we managed to increase the efficiency of delivery of forces and means in those places where they are needed several times.”