In the transportation and fleet industry, they have long been part of everyday life: Tracking services, which enable a locating of a vehicle, routes, track, and, if necessary, in case of theft, the investigating authorities to the location reveal. The Swisscom and the Amag to offer with their joint Start-Up Autosense such a Service in Switzerland – but also go much further. And objectives, but also to private customers.

Digital logbook

With auto sense are also older cars so digital and networked how many new cars. The System allows at any time the location of the vehicle, a digital travel book is important for expenses or taxes, in the case of errors in the vehicle and analyzes the driving style, fuel-saving and car-saving on-the-go. Also helpful, if you’d like to know, how quickly or not the fresh fit-to-drive offspring first jaunts with the family car.

Retrofitting the System for many models with petrol engines from 2001 and diesel engines from 2004. In these older models is particularly interesting: The built-in WiFi Hotspot that allows the networking of up to five devices.

New Services

In addition, the car offers a sense together with partners, a variety of additional services, for example, with a digital fuel card of Migrol. Via the App are displayed the cheapest gas stations in the surrounding area; the fuel bill is in the App numbers. Insurance discounts for forward-looking, safe driving ” or ” billing “on demand”, i.e. only for the distance driven, even such offers would not be possible.

The System is a one-time cost starting at 69 Swiss francs without additional services; the use of three months free of charge and will then, with the five francs per month to beech; additional services cost extra. Auto-sense App on the Smartphone comes with a Adapter for the ODB interface – that’s where the Mech’s otherwise the diagnostic device.

data safe?

And the privacy Finally, an analysis of the data could allow, in the wrong hands, to draw conclusions on the user. “We separate personal data of the driving profiles, and travel books,” says Autosense CCO Nicolas Noth. The former are stored locally in the car sense, the latter is stored in the Cloud. And should someone hack it? “Then he can not assign the driving profile of the concrete Person,” says Noth.