The authorities support the population in a pandemic coronavirus

State machines are forced to work in extreme conditions, forced taking, sometimes, very tough measures. To such, in particular, relates to a quarantine mode, which in the last week have begun to enter many parts of the world. Of particular interest are those measures that authorities in different countries are taking to provide support to the people trapped in their homes indefinitely.

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In Colombia, for example, this weekend at the highest level, he stated that not only will freeze the tariffs for water supply, but also make it free for a period of quarantine. The President of the country Ivan Duque said that in addition to the period of the restrictions the water will return to houses and apartments of the debtors for utility services.

“We are working to protect the health of Colombians. All political differences should step aside and give way to national interests,” Duque said in an interview.

the Chief financial regulator of Peru approved amendments to the existing country regulations, allowing banks and credit institutions to convert the debts of their clients because of the situation with COVID-19. The Peruvian authorities noted that because of the quarantine, many citizens will not be able to save your income, especially if they work in industries where remote work is simply impossible. This will inevitably lead to problems with timely payment of their interest on loans. Under the new rules, however, will fall all persons who were debtors credit payments prior to the adoption of new measures, will not be able to take advantage of the new rules.

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to protect the population’s income the government of Portugal also went on non-standard measures. All the Portuguese, is forced home due to the fact that their children (under 12 years) does not attend closed because of the virus, will keep part of their wages. According to accepted government standards, the employee will be able to obtain 66% of their salary, but only if you are not able to perform their duties remotely. And entitled to it will receive only one of the parents does not matter if he worked in the public sector or private. Half of the costs of these needs will fall on the employer, and the remainder will be paid for by the state. In this case payments can not be lower than the local minimum wage, that is 635 Euro (51.4 thousand rubles), but must not exceed the triple amount – 1905 Euro (88.6 per thousand).

by the Way, in Portugal and went to another unusual step associated with quarantine in educational institutions. Despite the announcement of the closure of both public and private schools, some of them will continue to operate in a special mode. To attend classes in them, only the children of those parents who are directly involved in the fight against coronavirus. This applies to workers of medicine, law enforcement, military and other agencies.

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