the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) proposed to the authorities to redeem the vouchers passengers or to change them for train tickets. The initiative makes sense, given that in the period of coronaries incomes of many Russians has dropped dramatically, and some have lost their earnings. Citizens on account of every penny, and a voucher for a future trip will not be full. By estimations of participants of the market, now in the hands of frustrated because of the pandemic, passengers can find tickets for 60-80 billion rubles. It will support the government a payment option or rights of passengers will sacrifice for the sake of the carriers, to understand “MK”.

the Head of FAS Russia Igor Artemyev has proposed to the government to buy citizens vouchers which they received instead of money for cancelled flights. A letter was sent to the Ministry of transport, the Federal tourism Agency and the CPS. The head of the Antimonopoly service also believes that citizens should be allowed to change avivausa on train tickets, so that people can choose the most suitable route. According to Artemyev, such a scheme of refund of unused tickets and citizens will support in such a difficult time, and carriers will not ruin. Meanwhile, the Ministry of transport has developed a draft government resolution, which will allow the airlines to compensate for cancelled flights it vouchers. Thus, the Agency plans to help the airlines, which are suffering huge losses.

it is Unknown whether support the idea of the head of the FAS in the government, but most affected passengers, they obviously will find a response. Due to the impact of the pandemic coronavirus incomes of Russians have dropped sharply, and some of them are “cleared”. According to the Institute “development Center” HSE, in 2020 the fall in real incomes could be 8% to 12%.

it would Seem that if the passenger was unable to use the purchased ticket for reasons beyond his control, he is entitled to a refund of their money. But what if the carrier the money for it? It is clear that airlines are now deep in the red. FAS believes that the lack of choice of method of compensation violates the rights of passengers. Many of them do not plan new trips due to the changed situation. So a competitive selection is necessary. Or tour the voucher later than this the carrier, or to obtain money or swap it for another company or even form of transport.

“However, with the transfer of voucher to another carrier or the railway company can be difficult, because then to pay for a new ticket shall remain the airline, says chief analyst at TeleTrade mark in real. – It’s almost the same thing and return the funds to the client, which is not.”

“it is Not excluded that the government will take this Sha�� because the real demand for the return may be small. Surely the tickets would want to exchange the money of those citizens who have business essential — says a leading analyst of the Forex Optimum Ivan kapustyasky. To others it may be disadvantageous due to the increase in ticket prices”.

Note that the average cost of flights economy class to Russia in April increased compared with March by 12-19%. Tickets with departure may 1-8 has risen by 24%. The average price of a one way flight last month increased by 13% compared to the same period of 2019. It is possible that the trend may increase due to rising demand, so those who have money, more or less in order, are unlikely to change the voucher for the money so you do not buy the more expensive ticket.

Now in the hands of customers can find tickets for 60-80 billion rubles. However, in fact the figure may be more. It is difficult to assess how many people will want to return the money and how much you will have to compensate the state.

“the Initiative Artemyev common. However, there is no more effective way to help people than a direct return of funds, — says the Executive Director of the venture club ITLEADERS Dmitry Ivanov. — With the legalization of the mechanism of issuing certificates instead of money for tickets, increased the risk of a black market in vouchers. People need real cash. The government should take these steps and give the carriers subsidized loans to refund customers.”