The authorities of Belarus intend to repeal a number of tax benefits for the budget

Moscow, 31 Jan – “News.Economy.” The Belarusian authorities can reduce the tax benefits in the next three years, taking into account changes in the external environment, said the head of the Ministry of taxes and levies (MNS) of Belarus Sergei Nalivaiko.

“To ensure budget revenues, including taking into account the current external conditions, there is a need to cancel concessions that do not give the desired effect. During 2020-2022 gg envisage a large-scale evaluation of the effectiveness of existing incentive of tax benefits,” – said Nalyvaichenko, reports “BelTA”.

According to the Minister, “in the near future MNS together with the Ministry of Finance and the State customs Committee will determine the list of benefits whose effectiveness should be assessed in this year. State agencies will review the circle taking advantage of these benefits for taxpayers and their performance”.

MNF intends to look for opportunities to reduce the tax burden. “The work will be focused on finding reserves to reduce the tax burden. In our opinion, one of such reserves is the search for and refusal of individual dot of benefits that are not tied to economic growth, promotion of promising sectors of the economy. In this way, we will very carefully and delicately move together with colleagues and the business community”, concluded Nalivaiko.

Text: To.Economy