The author of the Ukrainian history textbook intentionally

Ukrainian Author of the textbook “world history” for the 10th class and candidate of historical Sciences Igor shchupak explained the appearance in this image sad actor Keanu Reeves photo 1932 “Lunch on a skyscraper”.

In the photo by an unknown photographer, the star of “the Matrix” using photoshop “placed” on the beam at the level of the 69th floor of a skyscraper under construction in new York together with the workers.

In the media and social networks this is a photo that can be seen in the online version of the textbook, has caused a lot of ironic comments.

However, the Ukrainian historian Schupak stated that this was done deliberately to such a specific way to attract the attention of students to the material.

In his “Facebook” the scientist wrote that when the designer of the tutorial, who with him chose the illustrations for the book showed a page with a photo, “augmented” Keanu Reeves, he first saw her.

“But then he noticed the meme, proposed to leave him,” said the author of the textbook.

Schupak also added that all attempts to engage students students to the history, using different memes and historical anecdotes to information is perceived easier, RIA Novosti reported.

He also said that the first Reeves this in the tutorial noticed a 10-grader last year and suggested to look among the illustrations of memes and other “controversial items”.