The audience was severely fought on a Tatyana Bulanova concert

In Ryazan on February 27 in his speech, the 50-year-old honored artist of the Russian Federation Tatyana Bulanova as part of the concert “Legends 80-s and 90” in the audience was a mass brawl.

the Incident occurred at a time when the artist began to sing one of their hits “don’t cry”. Bulanova sang: “don’t cry, another stayed the night at us with you one More time to whisper to you: “You are mine”, but this time on the podium in the first rows of the two men grappled with each other.

In the video, which was published in the network “Vkontakte”, you can see how the fighters were separated. But the conflict only grew to cover several rows. The record clearly shows how one person hanging from the top row strikes the hand of someone in the bottom row. After some time, the fight stopped.

according to the website “Ryazan-info”, according to the police the instigators of the fight were women, who mostly came to listen to the famous artist. The causes of conflict are still being investigated.