So, last year, from Sundance to Berlin came the painting “Souvenir” Joanna Hogue, which is very making it better. The Russian premiere took place in April 2019 at the Moscow international film festival. This year at film festivals in Berlin such films from Sundance, as “Shirley”, “the Earth is blue like an orange”, a documentary film “Hillary”, “Never rarely sometimes always” and others, not to mention the fact that many of the pictures c film festival in Utah show on the EFM film market, where they find buyers in different countries.

at the Berlinale-2020 are fighting for equality in art

the Berlinale European premiere of the picture of the kitty green “Assistant” that I talked just after Sundance. “Pinafore” came to Berlin and with it the film, which was included in the program “Panorama”. And at the morning press screening (a full hall was Packed) there was confusion – the picture began to show in the wrong format. “Woke up” around after 15 minutes. And announced that if we can show, as follows, from the same place – will continue, if not, start again – no time. Managed. Continued. But then as honest people announced the extension press screening.

As the festival, everything is “looped back”, it is impossible not to compare the film “the Assistant” with a picture opening of the Berlinale 2020 “My Salinger year” Philippe Falardeau. Them, perhaps, is to show together in film schools to explain why one job (“Assistant”) is a real movie, and the other is just an attempt to play to the cinema. In both cases the main character is a helper in the company. But if the performer of the title role in the film about a novice literary Secretary of the great writer and actress Margaret Coelli bright and visible in Quentin Tarantino’s “One day in Hollywood …” – her role seductive girl hippie is impossible to forget, in the film “My Salinger year” it turns into a standard damsel, which many nand every step of the way. But Julia garner is an actress, mainly known for kinoserialov (“Ozark”, “Americans” and others) in the “Assistant” is so that it is clear – the audience present at the moment of becoming a big movie star.

Photo: Archimede / Rai Cinema / Le Pacte / Recorded picture company / Leone film group / Bper Banca / Canal+ / Apulia film At the Berlinale was the long-awaited premiere of the new “Pinocchio”

the Story told in “the Assistant” – one day in the life of a young girl who comes to work before everyone else and leaves after everyone. The office faded gray-greenish – film company in new York, which has branches in Los Angeles and London. Clothing assistant is also bleak – the dirty purple color, which is able to destroy any woman. If the slender girl might merge with the walls, to nobody’s touched it, she would. But she has to become invisible in other ways. In principle, it and are treated like furniture or worse, because the furniture is not to be demeaned.

Julia garner plays, in fact, a young woman who is always on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The boss is in a bad way, talking to her on the phone. A young colleague instead of her call, throws it in the direction of wads of paper. Even if she goes with a man in the Elevator – that it does not skip forward. Pick up the coat, wash the dishes and serve water and coffee to order the food to the office, scour the morning sofa after unlawful in the office of the chief pleasures, to resolve the issue with hotel, car, spread out the circulars… a Small creature like an elf that hates his job. But she dreams of cherez some time to produce. She will give work assistant? Necessary mental corn? Knowledge of the film industry from the inside, from the unattractive party? Or destroy hope and break little woman?

Review of the film “the Assistant” could be called “the Unspoken” if at some point the girl found the strength to go to the supervisor and talk to him. The fact that the work took a different assistant. Naive provincial beauty of Idaho has previously worked as a waitress. But she was allocated a Desk in the office, and took a room at the hotel, which is clearly expensive for such girls. Our heroine is trying to prevent possible misconduct associated with harassment. But the answer from the person to whom she decided to apply, gets only a rebuke, saying she’s jealous and envious. Still – because she has such a desirable job. 400 girls trying to wear her shoes. Here many will think about the movie “the Devil wears “Prada” and have been compared to him and “My Salinger year”. But the point is that “the Devil wears Prada – a sample of a typical movie audience. Just want this to see when we are talking about the Secretary – legs, chest, gorgeous hair, sex, fashion world, and Shine cameras. But “Assistant” is the author’s statement on the same subject. Thoughtful and exciting, and it hurts even more.

Photo: Press-service of the Berlin film festival/Allyson Riggs/A24 At the Berlinale introduced the Arthouse “First cow” and the legend of “Undine”

In the movies always have a market. A few years ago, many Directors and producers made films about refugees and they were given prizes at prestigious festivals the “Berlinale”: we can recall the tape, Gianfranco Rosi “Sea on fire” or Aki KarismaKi “On the other side of hope” and others. But the film the film alike. Were the paintings in which there was nothing but bare calculation, as were those that demonstrated a real art. Now, in the Wake of the scandal with the producer Harvey Weinstein. which does not continue as it is today, was found guilty on two counts, and other abutere, United front began to make “women’s movies”. However, again, sometimes the formula of another female of the film is so primitive that it becomes ashamed of its creators. And happen little masterpieces, where the actors don’t even need to speak in the frame of unnecessary words. Everything in its place. And in this case one and a half hours the viewer is imbued with the life of a little assistant as well as the fate of the migrant in the movie “IKE” Sergei dvortsevoi or history clerk hotel – picture “Maid” by Mexican Director Lila Aviles and other works that marked the leading film festivals in recent years.

In the Berlin cinemas now showing “Little women” Greta Gerwig is a city full of advertising. The audience interested in the film, which was recently heard at the “Oscar”, as well as picture Scandal Jay roach. Whether it comes to leading hotel awards “Assistant” will show in 2020. But what about the film spoke in other European countries after the “Berlinale” – no doubt.