The message from 1. May seems to have been for the embattled Federal Prosecutor will be most welcome: finally, other headlines as the pesky allegations of a meeting with the Fifa Boss.

After five years, namely, Michael Lauber (53) authority in a sensational corruption case of first judgments. An IT company is supposed to have bribed an official of the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco), in order to get orders. Had uncovered the “Covenant,” the thing 2014.

Against the two Accused is set the procedure. Four of the ten accused conceded a penalty order. The Penalties, however, three conditional fines and conditional imprisonment – show experts amazed.

Martin Hilti Transparency about referred to the Verdicts on the SRF as “irritating” mild. Against the four remaining accused, including the Seco-man, the procedure is still pending.

A flood of open cases

A look into the files shows that The Soft course of Lauber people just as banal as serious reason. The law enforcement of the Covenant threatens to suffocate under a barrage of open cases. Accordingly, the Maxim applies: as soon as Possible to complete.

In Seco’s case, this means in concrete terms: 2015 issued for the accused in summary procedure. And the Deal was closed. The chief Prosecutor of the Federation, Carlo Bulletti, confirmed the request for an urgent procedure on the day of receipt by post. The record-breaking. But it was not enough.

On 31. July 2017 fluttered the ten accused a hopeful, Lauber attorney Vincens Nold signed Letter to the house. Subject: “announcement of the impending financial statements”. How should show, it was an empty promise.

Because what seemed to start as a unique situation, was becoming more and more complex. The reveal took the part of bizarre agreement, its protocols are Sunday view: As questions were asked, taking up to two A4 pages and with dozens of acts, references are provided.

“Where were you on 30. June 2007?”

Among other things, the authority, the chief of which does not remember a Meeting with the Fifa chief two years ago, wanted to, of an accused person to know where he’s at the 30. June 2007 at 17.45.

Logically, that the respondents required according to the respective document shall be submitted to the office of the attorney General (BA) according to the information of a legal representative was not able to.

So you resorted to a allowable, in this case, but the most peculiar means: Lauber authority sent the accused to the question of catalogues in paper form home to answer them, together with their lawyers. Also during the final hearing began on this approach. Some of the Participants talk mockingly of Lauber “Ufzgi”.

Sunday view has transmitted the BA to on Thursday, questions. “Because of the timeliness” was directed to answer on next week. Tomorrow, Monday must Lauber of the judicial Commission of the Parliament Red and answer.

Not a few were expecting his resignation. Then the Federal Prosecutor laid out a very different, don’t forget dignified appearance: the fury of a snorting bull, Michael Lauber was reported on Friday against his supervisors, the hours had previously announced a disciplinary investigation. There is no more Humiliated to the audience, but a Woe – for the cozy Federal government in Bern, spoke to an unusual image.

The country is discussed by all the Parties to the forgotten and the not-logged Meet Lauber with the Fifa Boss. What bothers the Federal Prosecutor. But that his case will be publicly eviscerated, he is responsible Lauber had to push this development yourself. Unlike the predecessors, he began to use following his 2012 election, ongoing cases as a PR-Instrument.

The tactic paid off quickly: After the bloody wave of Islamist attacks in Europe had reached, announced Lauber authority media procedures against suspected jihadists. Although the successes in court have remained manageable – but the attractive prosecutors enjoyed a press coverage as a Federal Prosecutor before him: Lauber, the intrepid terrorist hunter.

in 2015, as in Zurich, the Fifa Funkionäre were arrested, followed by the climax: the Federal Prosecutor on the global stage. Lauber was a Darling to Everybody’s. The Switzerland, to question, to doubt him, it must be for him, is a huge insult.
Or should we say: lèse-majesté? the