the Artplay design Center in Moscow, the first received. The corresponding order was signed by mayor Sergei Sobyanin. The managing company of Technopark creative Artplay rated CJSC “Yauza realty”.

the Decision to implement the pilot project for the establishment of a creative technology parks was adopted in 2019 in order to support rapidly developing sector of creative industries. Now in the capital work, which employ more than 320 thousand people.

the Status of Technopark creative can get creative space that meet the following criteria:

not less than 20 tenant companies represent the creative industry;

— 70 percent or more resident subjects of small and average business;

— profile resident is not less than 25 percent of the area of the Technopark;

— manufacturing business within 20 percent of the area;

— the maximum percentage of total area occupied by one resident is 30%.

— the applicant in the presence of at least two infrastructure aimed at the development of creative industries;

— the total area of Technopark is not less than 10 thousand square meters.

the Resident creative technology parks can apply for, to purchase equipment.

the Company that bought imported equipment at its own expense, compensate 25 percent of its value, if purchased domestic equipment, it is 35 percent. The same amount of compensation provided in case of purchase of equipment in leasing. If a company buys equipment on credit, the city is ready to compensate for the interest rate within the key rate of the Central Bank. In the event that the company takes credit of domestic equipment, the compensation will increase by five percent. The maximum size of the subsidy is 10 million rubles per year.

operating companies creative technology parks eligible for grants for the development of the property, including the purchase of specialized equipment.

the Artplay design Center appeared in 2003. It is in the workshops of the former factory “Gauge” at the address: Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya street, house 10. Traditional specialty center — architecture, design and art.

On the territory of Artplay, there are several hundred associations, including:

more than 400 companies working in the creative sector, including more than 60 architectural offices and construction companies, 40 design studios and 20 advertising agencies;

University of the creative industries, Universal University, which includes the British higher school of design, School of computer technology Scream School, Moscow film school, Moscow architectural school MARCH, Moscow school of communications MACS, Moscow school of music, Moscow school of modern art and Moscow Academy of food

School of business and gallery management RMA;

the Center of digital Media art Artplay, which hosts multimedia exhibitions, film screenings, performances, concerts, lectures on art, literary readings using digital technologies;

two coworking, 14 cafes and restaurants, lots of bookstores, printing houses, beauty salons and language centers.

Among the residents Artplay such architectural and design companies, as IND Architects, Alpbau, Wowhaus, Kleinewelt Architekten, Buromoscow, Аrchstruktura, Severin Group, “Yauzaproekt”, Real.intellect, NoomeoRus.

On the territory of Artplay work about three and a half thousand people.

in addition, in Moscow there are a number of creative spaces that can claim the status of creative industrial Park. For example, created in 2005 on the territory of the former factory of technical papers “October” (Perevedenovsky per, 18). He specializiruetsya on design and performing arts.

On the territory of the former brewery “Moscow Bavaria” (4 th Syromyatnicheskiy lane 1/8, building 6) since 2007 is valid.

Contender for this status and became (Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya street, 36). It was founded in 2009 on the territory of the former crystal factory named after M. I. Kalinin. Its main areas of operation — media and architecture.