“I don’t make a film for almost twenty years. And, of course, is for me a new challenge which is very exciting. A lot has changed – technology, thinking, economy movie. It’s a different psychology than from theatre. But this is audio-visual power – it can create the mystery, which is not in the theater,” – said Valery Fokin, quoted in a press-service of the project.

“Petropolis” is based on the novel “Fire” the eldest son, Kirill Fokin, which was released in 2016. Then Fokin senior put her on the stage of Alexandrinsky theatre, reminds TASS. In the story of mankind for decades been in constant secret contact with alien minds, but suddenly between the heads of the superpowers and aliens there is a conflict. To prevent a catastrophe can only be a psychologist who knows something about the true nature of alien beings.

According to Kirill Fokin, the action is based on the memoirs of the hero, who makes a “painful journey through my memory”. And Valery Fokin noted that the film addresses global issues and offers to reflect on the theme of trust between countries and peoples that, in his opinion, is especially important today, when the world faced a pandemic.

“the film we go from the selectivity of human memory, how remembering he rekonstruiruet his past. Because each of us, remembering how it’d relate my life to any genre: Comedy, romance, drama, and so on. We recall the main and secondary falls” – says Fokin Sr. and adds that with the help of visual solutions they attempt to move the viewer into the inner world of the hero, in his subconscious.

the filmmakers have set a goal to show not the fantastic event (which is already done a hundred times), and how they are perceived by people.

starring Anton Shagin and Yuliya Snigir. Main unit filming will take place in Moscow in pavilion indoor karting center, where he has erected a large set. However, the first shooting days have already passed in St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region.