the Main opponent of Lukashenka in the upcoming election Victor Babariko was arrested the day before the final deadline to submit signatures collected for his nomination. At the initiative of ex-banker of these signatures under half a million instead of one hundred thousand. With such a basis to deny a candidate registration almost impossible. Therefore, in the course went to the usual methods of arrest.

in the morning from the headquarters of the candidate of Babariko began to receive disturbing reports: Lukashenko’s opponent stopped communicating. It later emerged that the former banker was arrested and taken in for questioning in the case of Belgazprombank, his house being searched, and the electoral account is blocked.

Victor Babariko and his son Edward, who heads the campaign headquarters of his father, the morning brought in the financial investigation Department (FID). The press service of the FID calls not answered all day, and in the office of the Chairman of the state control Committee Ivan Tertile said he would not comment on the subject. However, in the electoral headquarters of Babariko told us that it has not allowed lawyers, and the morning with him there is no connection.

When we wrote these lines, the message came: the Belarusian authorities have officially confirmed the arrest of Victor Babariko “because of the attempts of influencing the witnesses and concealing evidence.”

the House of Babariko is located in the village Mocanu, Logoisk district, 15 km from Minsk. According to local media reports, there are official cars and vans, staffed by people in police uniforms, with masks and guns. “What’s going on in the house, is not known, but it is noticeable that the doors are open. In General, the situation around at home, Babariko calm,” they describe the situation.

In comments to the news on the Facebook supporters of Babariko speak to him words of support and report ready to go to the building of the FID to demand the release candidate. However, many believe that the authorities are just waiting for this, as it will allow you to arrest as many supporters of Babariko.

In the electoral headquarters of the candidate said that working in the same mode: “Processed signatures and prepare them for delivery. Tomorrow is the last day to submit signatures to the electoral Commission”. According to them, if their leader today is not detained by the end of the day managed to collect 500 thousand signatures.

we will Remind, on June 11 in the “Belgazprombank” on behalf of Lukashenka were searched. Babariko headed it for 20 years until, until he decided to run for President. The candidate explained the searches that the authorities have no compromising information on him and they’re trying to push him mentally, holding people close to him. In the case of detained 15 former and current heads of institutions.

About the fate of Babariko and the election campaign in Belarus “MK” said Belarusian political analyst Dmitry Bolkunets:

Is the assneigh means the recognition of Lukashenka’s popularity Victor Babariko in the Belarusian society. The President is afraid of a strong opponent and at any cost trying to remove it from the election campaign. I do not exclude that Babariko will be arrested. Now candidate will try to get to withdraw from the elections as the alternative candidate. If he agrees, he will give you the opportunity to stay free and leave the country.

Lukashenko is scared and does everything to expose the candidate as a “thief,” thief, corrupt. Although it is not very clear what the topic of corruption in the Bank. Belarusian state TV channels showed that the Bank had found the gold and money. Citizens of Belarus are asking the question: “what else was to be found in the Bank if he does?”

I know that after the capture of “Belgazprombank” was uncovered cell customers is a violation of banking secrecy and international obligations. Moreover, the government stole the paintings, which were taken in an unknown direction. The most expensive of them “eve” by Chaim Soutine that Babariko bought and returned to Belarus. The authorities not only kidnapped her, but now she could be lost in mind improper storage.

Today, the foreign Ministry of Belarus to urgently collect all diplomats to bring to them the view that Russia is interfering in Belarusian elections. That “Gazprom” and Russian oligarchs are trying to break Lukashenko. The objective pursued by the Minister Uladzimir Makei and his team of propagandists was to bring to Europe the idea that Russia is going to organize a Maidan. Subsequently they will ask to introduce sanctions against Moscow. Now with the filing of certain Pro-government political analysts voiced the idea that Babariko agent of the Kremlin.

– will this Affect relations with Russia?

– the Fate of Babariko will also be addressed during the talks, Lukashenko and Lavrov and his visit to Moscow. I do not exclude that he will be traded for assets of BGB for the return of assets.

– What will happen if Babariko will not allow the elections?

In my opinion, if Babariko will not be admitted to the elections, it means that the elections are over. Further, they can be waived. It would be a spit in the soul of citizens who put half a million signatures for a candidate and want to participate. Lukashenko also make them

the opinion doesn’t want. May be some protests, but it is difficult to say whether they will be massive. But they can sweep across the country and not only in Minsk.

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