Suddenly broke out at the end of last week, the conflict on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan does not stop. Wednesday, July 15, the defense Ministry of Azerbaijan reported about the destruction of an Armenian reference point “in the direction of Tovuz district”.

on Tuesday, readiness to help Azerbaijan in conflict with Armenia, said Turkey. In Baku held mass rallies to demand war against Armenia. That is, there is the threat of escalating skirmishes into full-scale war.

Military experts and political analysts say the difference of another military escalation between the two Transcaucasian countries from previous conflicts. This time, skirmishes between Armenian and Azerbaijani military did not begin in the unrecognized Karabakh, where the situation remains calm, but directly on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

the losses of the parties information on the most controversial. Each of the parties to the conflict tries to exaggerate enemy losses and underestimate their own. It is a common practice of information war.

About who started shooting first, too, from military reports to understand. Each side blames the other. So, the Armenian defense Ministry said that the Azerbaijani army fired on the weekend in one of the Armenian strongholds. According to Baku, were the first to shoot the Armenians.

Now Yerevan said that the Azerbaijanis shelled the territory of Armenia with a periodicity of 15-20 minutes.

the Russian foreign Ministry urged the sides to normalise the situation on the border. And this is understandable. So someone who, as Russia is another hot spot on the southern borders just do not need. Moreover, involving in the conflict by third countries, such as Turkey.

Russia in Transcaucasian long-standing conflict in a difficult position. On the one hand, Armenia is Russia’s strategic partner in the region, participates in the Organization of collective security Treaty (CSTO). Our countries have close economic ties.

On the territory of Armenia is the 102nd Russian military base. Parts are deployed in Gyumri, Kanaker-Zeytun, Yerevan. Armenia is the only CSTO member States sent to Syria for their engineers. At the same time, to call Yerevan a reliable and loyal political ally may be a stretch. The Armenian leadership has repeatedly demonstrated an approach to important issues for Russia.

although Azerbaijan is not included in the CSTO is carrying out against Russia’s consistent constructive course, aimed at mutually beneficial cooperation. The trade turnover is growing, including on military-technical cooperation. Azerbaijan has purchased in recent years Russian arms worth billions of dollars.

With regard to all the circumstances, experts predict that Moscow in the coming days will intensify peace-making efforts of the Transcaucasian direction. You will listen Baku and Yerevan to the Russian arguments, only time will tell.