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the ministry of Agriculture and food has been in contact with the political leadership in the ministry of defence has stated that the armed forces could assist with the expulsion of the reinfôr when civilian resources are unable to be used, enter the ministry.

It is they who have the responsibility for the ongoing beitekrisen. The ministry is trying to prevent several hundred thousand reindeer from to die on the plateau.

An attempt to help the reindeer herders involves the defense.

Several reindeer-herding have to drive several miles to get carried feed up to the reindeer. This can mean that they have to carry around 800 kg of feed up to the animals.

This, they have neither the time or enough shepherds to do.

the Reindeer live almost on air and love since their natural food is up to two metres under the snow.

a LOT of SNOW: Senorge.en is a service the MET, NVE and the Norwegian mapping authority has. Blue color illustrates the snødybde.

Photo: Screenshot from senorge.en

There is unusually much snow in Troms and Finnmark, and more compare now this year’s beitekrise with the one that was in the winter of 1999 to 2000.

Beitekrisen that the reindeer herders are now experiencing is extraordinary. Reindeer husbandry is in a very serious and challenging situation, ” says Olaug Bollestad (KrF), the ministry of agriculture and mr..

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THROWS a LASSO: the ministry of Agriculture and mr. Olaug Bollestad (KrF) visited Byrkije reinbeitedistrikt in October, here she learned, among other things, to throw the lasso.

Photo: Anders internationally best-known Verstad / NRK Has also asked the Red Cross for help

It is the County governor of Troms and Finnmark, which has sent the application to the Directorate for civil protection and preparedness (DSB). They determine the district that now to get help with to get carried feed up to the reindeer.

How this be done in practical terms is not clarified yet.

Sunna Marie Pentha, which is reindriftsdirektør in the county, say they’ve also seen on other opportunities.

– We have been in contact with the Red Cross to see if they have the opportunity to help with the transportation of feed, ” says Pentha and continues:

If it takes a long time before the defense can respond to our request, we hope to get help from the Red Cross.

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HELP COMES: Sunna Marie Pentha, which is reindriftsdirektør in Troms and Finnmark county council promises help to the distressed reindeer.

Photo: Knut-Sverre Horn / NRK – Significant mental stress

Until further notice is given priority districts that are located furthest away from the beaten track.

Fraktingen of feed is a hard mess for reindriftsutøvere who already have their hands full with the to herd reindeer.

Crisis involves a significant psychological burden for the reineierne, says Bollestad.

800 KILOGRAMS of FEED: With a scooter and a homemade sled carrying reindriftsutøveren Ánde Somby Jr. the feed up to the reindeer on the plateau.

Photo: Nils John Porsanger / NRK

If the defense or the Red Cross pedal in to help, the food is driven up to the reindeer. Then it shuffled off close to where the reindeer graze and run into the last piece of the owner.

Pentha in the county informing you that the application for assistance from the armed forces, was forwarded to the DSB on Thursday. They have not received a reply to the request yet.

– It is very expensive for private operators to help in this crisis. We have looked at assistance with helicopter transport, but this will be expensive in the long run. Since there are private actors that can help, we have sent the request for assistance from the armed forces, ” says Pentha.

almost 200,000 reindeer are threatened by starvation