The Monster of the IAA

Because of vehicles like the Brabus G V12 900 “One of Ten” gathering of climate activists in front of the gates of the exhibition halls. The tuned Mercedes G-class comes to 900 HP and it costs 790’000 Swiss francs. Certainly not a car for our time, but the customers also tend to be in addition to the Arab oil fields as a sub-European wind turbines.

The green sports car

such A wind Turbine could provide the owners of the new Porsche Taycan in the garden. The four-door sports sedan drives only with electricity. Up to 761 HP of the two electric motors, one per axis make. The prices are from 194’400 Swiss francs, although still proud, but also somewhat more reasonable than at Brabus.

The folk-Stromer

Also the price is reasonable, the finally shows revealed Stromer from VW. ID 3 should be starting around 32’000 Swiss francs is available, then even with the smallest range of 330 kilometers. Two larger – and more expensive – the batteries allow you to 420 and 550 kilometers. The expectations are already enormous: The ID 3 to come in a series of the beetle and the Golf.

The Lifestyle of commuters

A mixture of Porsche Taycan and VW ID 3 is the Honda e. He looks cool and offers driving pleasure, is, however, for the 220 km range and its Size, with prices starting from 43’to 100 Swiss francs a bit expensive – despite the full equipment. But the Honda e is intended as a commuter car for the city, therefore, the range according to the Japanese sufficiently. And the City Lifestyle as the hip Design of the Honda e is guaranteed to fit.

The roll at the end of cinema

Significantly greater ranges, to the Chinese, of Byton. Your SUV M-Byte creates even in the basic Version is 400 km, while the all-wheel drive version needs even after 520 km to the outlet. But the real Highlight is the width of the Cockpit with the gigantic screen over the entire vehicle. Against this large cinema, the Tesla Screen looks puny.

the State super-sports car

Customize? Why also! The Hongqi is practically written only with Chinese characters. So far, the brand has built in the state bodies for the leadership of the Communist party of China. At the IAA, Hongqi shows the Golden luxury SUV E115 with electric drive and the hybrid super sports car, the S8. The combination of the V8 and the electric Motor makes 1500 HP, and is intended to catapult the flounder in 1.9 seconds on Tempo 100. According to he comes in 2021 on the market and is the equivalent of cost of about 2.2 million Swiss francs. We are curious if the Chinese keep their word.

The sports cars-tank

Against the Ramsmobile Proton of the Brabus G V12 900 looks the same as a tame Stadtautöli. The SUV is reminiscent of an old military Hummer, but offers all the imaginable luxury, bells and whistles, the oligarchs and Oil rich-wish sheikhs. According to the model designations are used: in addition to Ascetic (ascetic), and the heavily armored Ramsider there are also the models Devil (devil) and God (God). On the drive there, the choice between gasoline, Diesel, and electric. To reach there is no indication, and the price no one asks in this League. But with the 999 HP boosted Corvette engine of this desert tank is almost a sports car and does the Sprint to 100 with 3.4 seconds faster than Bentley Bentayga.

The SUV of the future

in addition, the Audi AI:Trail looks almost ordinary, though also Autonomous study looks as if it came directly from a Science Fiction movie. The electric SUV is expected to create 500 kilometres, and, thanks to 35 inches of ground clearance to accommodate them. Up to 1000 Nm heave high the AI:Trail over every boulder and every mountain. For the extreme Design extreme series chances – extremely low come.

everyday Hero

the electric 4×4 is a life long reality. The German Startup Evum presented at the IAA, the production version of its workhorse aCar. The simple multi-talent has been developed for the third world, but is expected to be found also in Switzerland and its customers – especially in the case of companies and local authorities. The practical Stromer comes without the unnecessary bells and whistles and luxury, must only after 100 or 200 miles of the outlet.

The Comeback of a legend

The Defender is back! 2015 have intensified fussänger protection measures, the all-terrain vehicle puts the death shock. After 67 years, production has been discontinued. However, Land Rover brings the legend with the new edition into the new Millennium. It is for the Defender to finally full networking and modern engines, but also numerous Gadgets that make life in the Wilderness easier.