a Group of scientists from the University of Southampton began an underwater research wreck on 18 November 1917 the German submarine UC-47. Underwater minelayer lies at the bottom of the North sea, 40 kilometers from Flamborough head.

using two remote-controlled drones, the researchers were able to establish that the submarine lies at a depth of 48 to 51 meter. In addition, I made the first video and hydrolocators 3D images of the submarine of the First world war.

“Our research showed how well preserved the wreckage,” said Independent PhD Rodrigo Pacheco-Ruiz of the center of marine archaeology.

Pictures show the damaged received during ramming of the British patrol boat P57, and traces the subsequent days-long bombardment of depth charges.

“as we continue our investigations we hope to gradually shed more light on this long-forgotten lethal drama the North sea,” – said the historical project consultant Steven Fisher.

Note that launched on August 30, 1916 minelayer submarine UC-47 at his death was considered one of the most efficient in the German Navy. The crew of the submarines sank 56 merchant ships and warships, and another eight were damaged. German submarine UC-47 had a displacement of 502 tons and length 51,85 meters. The crew of the submarine – 26 people.

the Death of UC-47 came on 18 November 1917. The British patrol boat P57 is noticed which on the surface the submarine and rammed it. Blow at 17 knots struck the hull of a German ship, and it went under water. For four days the boat was bombed by a dive of the submarine, while on the surface appeared oily spots and large bubbles of air.