The Arab League rejected the

the League of Arab States (LAS) decided to support the position of Palestine and rejected the plan of U.S. President Donald trump on the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The head of the Palestinian foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki at a press conference following an emergency meeting of foreign Ministers of Arab community said that the League would seek the support of this decision by the Organization of Islamic cooperation, the African Union and the non-aligned Movement. The Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Abu al-Gheit added that the decision was taken by all Arab States, is that “deal of the century” is rejected.

the So-called “deal of the century” was concluded on January 28. Donald trump along with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu announced in Washington key terms of the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The US is offering countries a mutual recognition of both States, to associate the tunnel with the Gaza strip and the West Bank of the Jordan river, as the capital of Palestine is to recognize only part of East Jerusalem. The Jerusalem trump called “undivided capital” of Israel.

With the aim of promoting settlement in the US offer a $ 50 billion investment, which will be used, including the creation of new jobs for Palestinians and compensation for lost housing.

From the Arab countries, sharply negative attitude to the “deal of the century” was expressed by Iraq, Yemen and Jordan. The majority of Arab countries have expressed cautious optimism.