Muscovites can now sign up for testing for coronavirus is still using the same application – "My Moscow". On Tuesday reported on the official website of the mayor of the capital.

Previously, residents could sign up for PCR testing using the application "SYSTEM.INFO" and "services of Moscow".

"Now it is [to write on the test] can be done using the mobile app "My Moscow". To register and pass the research are those who have the Moscow compulsory medical insurance policy. Users will be available for free appointments for the next two weeks. Recall that through the app you can also sign up for a free ELISA tested for the presence of antibodies to COVID-19", – stated in the message.

PCR (polymerase chain reaction) method, which allows to detect the presence of virus in the body. Samples taken a swab from the nose and oropharynx. IFA (CLIA) (ELISA and immunochemiluminescence analysis) is a laboratory examination of the blood from the vein, which identifies an immune response to the virus.

Free tested for coronavirus by polymerase chain reaction is now available for both adults and children on the base 207 of the Moscow clinics. 30 city offices you can also get ELISA test for antibodies to coronavirus infection. PCR and ELISA to identify the disease at different stages, so the combination of the two methods of testing allows you to get a clear picture of the incidence of citizens.

"If you are attached to an urban clinic, sign up for the test on the For this you must first login or register and then choose the section "Services" subsection "Health" and "Record on reception to the doctor". In the list of specializations to find a "Smear on COVID-19 (PCR)" (adult and children), and then choose a convenient date and time. You can sign up and via information kiosks in clinics. Citizens who have Moscow compulsory health insurance policy, but there is no attachment to the city hospital, can call to the point of delivery of the analysis the district of residence administrator will record the proceeding. To reschedule the appointment, call the clinic" is added to the material.