the Cult rock band introduced the second video trailer of the new song – Demon Fire. As of November 13 has released and seventeenth Studio album Power Up (in a shortened spelling – PWR Up). The first release of new songs from Rock or Bust released in 2014.

AC/DC little has changed. Again forced high vocals Brian Jones, superfast work of drummer Phil Rudd, electrified bits of guitar riffs and solos of Angus young, the mighty mallet of the bass guitar cliff Williams. Only the rhythm guitar plays the other young – Steve. And that is a sign of respect for the deceased in 2017, the rhythm guitarist is still the first composition – Malcolm young.

and the Studio in Vancouver now is the same – owned by the Bryan Adams Warehouse Studio. It was there six weeks in August and September 2018 and were recorded this album. And then he for some time was finalized in early 2019.

the Producer of the recording, incidentally, was the same: Brendan O’brien, who worked on two previous albums – Rock Or Bust and Black Ice (2008).

Power Up will be presented 12 songs. Judging by the presented two premieres (October 5 soloist Brian Jones turned 73 years old, and before this event the group posted online a video teaser first new song Shot in the Dark, and then uploaded the clip), change in the sound of no. The band still plays fast, aggressive, powerful and melodic. Without the distraction of the experiments and the slow songs. But AC/DC always loved not for innovation and fidelity to tradition, relentless passion and constant drive.

it will be this time.