Remember the topic of a school essay: “the Positive hero in Russian literature”? In this sense, Yuri Solomin is precisely this. Not in literature, of course: he writes his destiny.

a goodie — it would seem that it’s so boring. So right, so good, no sharp corners, no burrs. This artist has never been interested in such roles. Here to play something more vicious, netrivialen to justify wretch to impersonate him — there untilled field for experiment, do as you please. But the most surprising, and most importantly — rare that Solomin is extremely organic in its correctness, purity, integrity; he could be lying. The mask is attached?

that’s right, not a mask. A happy coincidence and acting human is Solomin. This constancy: one wife, one theatre — a Small, classical (experience — 63 years!). Late in life he managed to visit the Minister of culture (though looked into power only a few months) and now, of course, a confidant of the President, of course, signed up for the Crimea. Only that it does not compromise, does not spoil — here it is. Here Solomin plays.

But we love him for it. “Pavel Andreevich, you the spy?” — “You see, Yuri…” — and still I am seeing the mischievous glint in blue eyes, the adjutant of his Excellency. He then became the second Stirlitz — or rather, the first: “the Adjutant”, was released four years before “Seventeen instants…” and there will, of course, and the KGB, and KGB, and “TASS is authorized to declare”, but the Paul A. Koltsov, among strangers, red on a white background (then the whole country was red) is our national hero.

I always liked Kolomenskoe “hooliganism”, when he went beyond his usual image. The newly revised “the Bat” Oh, he’s playful, light and flowing! This is a mass film with Vitaly Solomin, his beautiful younger brother, just brilliant.

And “Ordinary miracle”! It would seem, is not zakharovskaya actor, but as he pressed against Ekaterina Vasilieva, cheek to cheek, as she cares for! Playful.

for many years Solomin at the head of the Maly theater. And that too it is very organic: well there must something in the country to be unshakeable, deep and, Yes, screpancy in the best sense has been overwritten and is ridiculed by words. Small over his face and he to face Small. It all came together.

recently, Yuri Solomin was awarded and presented with the President the title of Hero of Labor. And it’s all right, the award has found the hero. Restored Soviet symbol awarded real Soviet man, the red scout, the adjutant of his Excellency. And it’s true!