Belarus has resumed protests against the detention of the applicant for the post of President Victor Babariko and other opposition activists. Protests gripped the whole country. On the last day of collecting signatures on June 19 in Minsk, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Bobruisk, Baranovichi, people lined up in the “chain of solidarity”. In Vitebsk, the chain stretched for 300 meters, Grodno — about 1.5 km away, and the thing hung a riot, more than 120 protesters were detained. Western media have already written about the “revolution of Slippers”.

the fact that the Belarusian protesters during the current presidential campaign there was a slogan: “Smack a cockroach!” and the symbol: home sneakers. “Cockroach” – as you know, the hero of a fairy tale Chukovsky. It’s a hint of mustache Lukashenko.

Recall that on 18 June in Belarus were detained the main rival of Alexander Lukashenko in the presidential election — Viktor Babariko. He was accused of trying to influence witnesses and hide evidence of previously committed crimes on his property seized. Along with him were arrested his son and the head of the electoral headquarters of Edward. The police also detained the friends of Babariko and his colleagues in the BGB, which he previously headed.

Eyewitnesses claim that in the ranks of the protesters were seen the representatives of the so-called “Pro-Western” opposition who are professionally fighting with Lukashenko for many years, but without much success. The support of the Belarusian population is clearly not for use. But is there a possibility that these well-known characters and organizations will try to “ride” the protest?

– Like all citizens of Belarus, this “old” Pro-Western opposition has the right to participate in any meetings, – told “MK” the Belarusian political scientist Alexander Feduta. – We have the opposition do not wear yellow stars. They are real people. Here is the circuit of the protesters, as you can tell, many of them – representatives of the “old” opposition? Rallies are against political detentions. There are representatives of the old opposition and the new opposition. There are a variety of people.

But they are playing in these protests lead?

In recent years, rallies and organized these forces came 200 people. Sometimes less. But at rallies of solidarity comes much more. And not only in Minsk. I think in the last chain before it was about 2-3 thousand people. That’s a lot in the current environment.

– How many people arrested?

– There are lists of human rights organizations. The police detained over one hundred people in Bobruisk 10, in Gomel, at least 10, at 7 Vitebsk, Mogilev 6. And so on. A significant number released but protocols. Enough and journalists, but their OS��waiting the day before. In addition, there are other prisoners. They are members of the initiative group Svetlana Tikhanovski, headed by her husband, her chief of staff Sergei Tikhanovski. And members of the initiative group Victor Babariko led him and his son Edward. It’s the people who are already officially recognized as political prisoners. For this reason it was made a number of statements from the European institutions. Spoke of the Embassy of the USA and the UK. I don’t know, was there, Mr. Lavrov during the visit the conversation with Lukashenka about it. Most likely, not driving.

– Present if the stock anti-Russian slogans?


– I Ask because just recently on the protests in Belarus, they can be seen.

– we now Have a totally different problem. When Russia insists on the deepening of integration and the actual absorption of Belarus… Tell me, what would Muscovites, if they knew that China is going to incorporate Russia in its composition? And now we have another question. We have a question about democracy, about the need to change the rules of the game in Belarus. Russia’s opinion on the matter will be listened to with great pleasure. But no more. Everyone is talking about it: Lukashenka and his opponents.

Who owns the idea of stock under the slogan “Stop the cockroach”?

– It was invented by Sergei tikhanovski, who is now in custody.