“Amphibian man” in his youth many of the women were planting,” stated his Ukrainian buddy Zaseev-Rudenko

Being a year ago in Moscow, Quentin Tarantino walked around the Kremlin and confessed his love to the Soviet cinema. “I loved the film “Man-amphibian”. In the early 70’s, it is all the time twisted have us on TV. I had no idea that he was Russian” – admiringly admitted the cult film Director. The role of the frogman in the picture of all the glorified actor Vladimir Korenev. And while on June 20 he was 80, no one cooler than the naive blue-eyed mutant he never played.

Korenev was born a year before the war, in Sevastopol, where the naval Academy was educated by his father, in the future promoted to rear Admiral. The family moved frequently. Lived in Yalta, Ishmael, on the Baltic sea… School Vladimir has graduated in Tallinn, where his classmate was the future movie star Larissa Luzhina.

– We had only just joined: the male and female schools, and Volodya was at the same Desk. The girls he had already lost his head: at 17 years of age Vladimir was very handsome – tall, blue-eyed, black-haired, recalled Larisa. After school we went to drama. And we had an affair. We walked around the city holding hands, and went on the famous Hill of kisses.

And then Lara flew off to study acting in the Leningrad and Vladimir at the age of 17 went to Moscow and entered the GITIS. His teacher, actor Theater, Grigory Horse, often reproach the young man for truancy. And with a smile prophesied that because of their amorous adventures will end up as Raphael, you will die young from sexual exhaustion the lady. Humorous prediction, thankfully, did not materialize.

Korenev met Alevtina Konstantinova, who studied two courses over, and she was able for some time to tame the fervor of our hero. After the release of the Ala took to the Theater of Stanislavsky and Vladimir on last year was approved for the main role in the film “the amphibian Man”. With burning eyes Korenev flew to appear – first in Baku, then in his native Crimea.

Cheating wheels

Applicants for the role of the frogman was set. And some Caucasian from Sukhumi, the father of swimming champion, was offered the Director Chebotarev “Volga”, if he will take his son.

– But the Director did not need the “Volga”. Then, at meetings with the audience, he said he was looking for a guy who in the eyes of the sea, and a girl who in the eyes of the sky, – said Vladimir Borisovich.

On the set Korenev literally appeared several times on the verge of death. The 20-metre depth didn’t work the scuba gear, the 100-pound chain dragged 21-year-old actor at the bottom of… Many were convinced that after the hellishly difficult takes Vladimir managed to twist an affair with a partner picture – 16-year-old a ninth-grader Nastya Vertinskaya. But Korenev, hiding his eyes, always insisted that it was nothing like this. Some novel, because he just married his Alevtina.

– in fact, it was our honeymoon. The wedding we played on 2 April 1961, and the shooting took place that summer, recalled a folk artist.

Alevtina terribly jealous of her husband for Anastasia. One day, Mikhail Kozakov, who returned from film expeditions before other artists, he hinted Konstantinova, what she needs urgently to go for Vladimir. Otherwise, they say, change is not prevented.

– Coming to the platform, and there Vertinskaya in my sunglasses. I said to my husband: “Come and take it off my glasses, otherwise I will tear off” – shared Alevtina Konstantinova in a television interview Masha Shukshina.

“Tree” and sticks

In 1966 when the film “the amphibian Man” continued to draw a full house in the Union, Alevtina gave birth to daughter Irina. The appearance of the heiress effect on the sensualist specific.

– a Crowd of women constantly watched the film, recalled his friend – Ukrainian film Director Nikolay Zaseev-Rudenko. – “You what?” – asked them. “I want to try what “amphibian” in bed. He’s so good in the water…” Crazy! Sent them in the ass. However, Volodya in his youth many were planted, although the legs I was for you.

In the nervous system have Konstantinova had no milk. Then the family of the artists of the theater of Stanislavsky (Koren also went there) lived in a hostel near the metro station “Airport”. Next to George by Surkovym and his young wife Tatiana Uharova. Their daughter Mary was born just a couple months before the birth of her daughter Koreneva.

– Il, who continued the work of their parents, nursed with the Breasts that I proudly admitted to “Express newspaper,” the widow Burkova.

– I went on tour with parents, doing homework on her dressing table, theater was my childhood. My father tough, mother also stated later Irina Koreneva. – I think they made it so long through my dad’s sense of humor.

But a couple times was on the verge of divorce. For example, when Koreneva discovered illegitimate daughter. This story made a lot of noise in 2016. In the Studio to Andrei Malakhov came some Natalia Ivanova, who claimed that in the early 70’s had a rest with a popular actor in the suburban house of rest “Fir”.

He asked me for further communication. Went into the room, began to speak. And then happened all by itself… I did not build illusions, understood that it was a passing fancy, said in the Studio of a woman who decides to publicly declare that Vladimir Borisovich has not only illegitimate daughter of Eugene, but and granddaughter and even great granddaughter.

To undergo DNA test people’s artist refused and the ether was not. And after two years Eugene came to the show Koreneva with a bouquet and thanked him for his life. In his eyes she realized that the father made the right conclusion and clearly aware, he said.

The lawful daughter Irina in an interview with “Express newspaper” commented piquant situation:

– If it is true, I never threw a stone at his father. Dad after the program, I laughed. Like, good he did it. Allegedly, sexually, he is irreplaceable giant, once this lady never met in my life such men as he. For dad the most important thing – we, his family. And the fact that it happens over a long life time… so this one anything can happen.

Irina, who have been playing with parents in the same Theater of Stanislavsky (now it’s called “Electro”) recently became a grandmother. Her son, Yegor, who refused to pursue an acting dynasty and works in a Bank, gave granddaughter Masha.

– never thought I’d see the day of happiness, Narada famous great-grandfather Koren. – I am surprisingly happy man!

was the case

Once I was in Yalta in one picture, got a big paycheck and decided go to the famous restaurant “Oreanda” and order the most expensive dish – shared roots with the “Express newspaper”. – Turns out it costs 38 rubles. The salary I got was 85. The dish was called “cocomordan”. The waitress somehow ambiguous looked at me and brought a tiny silver cocotte with lid. There was… sausages in tomato sauce. She explained that this Spanish sauce is very difficult to prepare. Well, caught like an idiot… had to win. Came to them and boasted how great dined in the “Oreanda” by ordering the most expensive dish. The next day ten idiots came to the restaurant and also ordered “cocomordan”. You should have seen the waitress face! But to beat my friends did not, I went to Moscow.