The Americans found a way to circumvent the ban on mass gatherings and live to watch baseball games. The pandemic coronavirus passage to the stadiums is limited, so people began to rent an apartment in a building nearby and watch the game from the balconies. This writes CNBC.

This “baseball” housing is often located in expensive apartment complexes. One of them is the West Half is located in Washington near the largest stadium of the country Nationals Park. Since then, as the apartment began to rent, the complex is particularly popular.

“Our residents are very excited that day when they should be playing,” — said the representative of the Builder.

Another residential complex called the Cardinals One Way is in St. Louis. In the building you can rent an apartment starting in August. Then start the game at the stadium “Busch stadium” (Busch Stadium). The rental price of lots ranges from 1400 to 7900 dollars a month.

The publication emphasizes that baseball parks, which are usually located on the outskirts of the city, have recently become new points of attraction. Around them there are residential complexes, malls and food courts. Stadiums used for the revitalization of individual neighborhoods, as was, for example, the Washington naval shipyard.