Residents of several us States began to receive by mail packages of seeds that they ordered. The authorities are concerned about the potential danger posed by such assumptions.

the Inhabitants of Virginia were advised to not plant any unsolicited seeds which they can obtain by mail, according to the Ministry of agriculture and consumer services of the state (VADACS).

says Fox News, residents reported in the regional Ministry of agriculture that they came in the mail a packet of seed labeled on the outside, which is similar to Chinese. Seeds remain to be identified, but officials suggest that seeds can be invasive plants, and advise residents not to use them.

“the Adoption of measures to prevent their introduction is the most effective method of reducing the risk of infection by invasive species and costs for control and mitigation of these infections,” reads the message officials of the Ministry of agriculture and consumer services of Virginia.

Virginia is not the only state whose residents receive unsolicited seed packets. The same parcel received and the residents of Utah.

In some cases, packages were marked as containing jewelry or other equally attractive contents.

“I opened them, and there was seeds – said Lori Cully, a resident of Tooele (Utah). Clearly it is not jewelry.”

FOX 13 has confirmed that the Department of agriculture and food Utah is likely to be merged with the Customs and border guard service to investigate the mysterious origin of the seed.

President of the nonprofit organization Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Utah Jane Rupp suggested that these cases may be associated with the fraud known as “cleansing”, when some companies send you the product so they can publish a fake review on your behalf.

“It’s quite selectively. I don’t think that had heard about the seed, says Rupp. – The first thing to do is to find Google your address and see what is there … a Lot of things will appear when you type in Google the address. Sometimes it’s frightening.”

in Addition to Virginia and Utah in connection with nezakonnye seeds coming in the mail, agricultural officials have also issued warnings to the States of Washington, Kansas, Arizona and Louisiana. Recipients of these mysterious packages call not only to plant the resulting seeds, but do not open the packaging with them.

In the Ministry of agriculture of the state of Washington announced that on Friday they had received reports that residents arrive in the mail to seeds from China, which they did not order: “Seeds are sent in packs, which usually indicates that content is jewelry. Undesirable seeds can be invasive species, to cause disease of native plants, or be harmful to the cattle.”

published in social networks photos you can see the American two packs of seeds that have been tagged as “bracelet” and “the ring.” The return address indicates that the parcel was shipped from Suzhou city in Jiangsu province (East China).

moreover, according to the Daily Mail, a package with mysterious seeds from China were also sent to hundreds of gardeners in the UK.