The Americans are sending checks for $ 1,000 because of the economic consequences of the epidemic of the coronavirus

the Americans are sending checks for $ 1,000 because of the economic impact of the epidemic coronavirus U.S. President ordered that the citizens have received financial assistance as soon as possible the Americans are sending checks for $ 1,000 because of the economic consequences of the epidemic of the coronavirus the US President ordered that the citizens have received financial assistance as soon as possible
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residents of the United States within the next two weeks will receive financial assistance from the Federal government to mitigate the economic impact by the pandemic coronavirus. Support measures was announced by the President of the United States Donald trump and Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin.

“I think we will do all that the money was received as quickly as possible,” said trump at a press conference at the White house on March 17. Mnuchin confirmed that cheques to citizens is planned to be send “immediately”. “Americans need some cash now. The President wants to cash in was now. When I say “now” I mean in the next two weeks”, – quotes the head of the Ministry of Finance of RIA “news”.

Mnuchin did not specify what sums there is a speech, but, according to Bloomberg, Americans will be able to directly receive about 1 thousand dollars. Mnuchin checks for 250 billion dollars, which should release before the endand APR, and $ 500 billion for the next four weeks, if you continue an emergency.

a Proposal to distribute to the entire adult population of the United States for $ 1,000 this week came from the Senator-Republican MITT Romney. He reminded that the Congress resorted to similar measures during the recession in 2001 and 2008. Romney also proposed to give grants to small businesses affected by the epidemic, and to ease the financial situation of students.

trump Administration asked Congress to approve a stimulus package of $ 850 billion dollars to mitigate the economic consequences of coronavirus. This amount includes $ 250 billion in loans to small businesses and $ 50 billion to rescue the American carriers.

These measures may be taken in addition to those already approved by the house of representatives of the package at $ 100 billion. Because of this bill, Americans will be able to get sick pay, unemployment benefits and other benefits, reports “Voice of America”.

the U.S. Government also took the unprecedented step of announcing a delay of 90 days for tax payments to millions of Americans. Usually the term of payment of taxes in the United States expires on April 15. Tax holidays will affect the income of individuals in the amount of up to $ 1 million and income of companies in the amount of $ 10 million.

Mnuchin warned the senators that the unemployment rate in the United States may rise to 20% due to the outbreak of coronavirus, if not taken the necessary stimulus measures, according to CNN and the Washington Post. As of February, the unemployment rate in the country amounted to about 3.5%.

the Representative of the Ministry of Finance Monica Crowley said that during the meeting with the senators Mnuchin “used some mathematical examples for clarity, but does not imply that it will be so.” According to media reports, Mucin also said that economic consequences due to coronavirusand can be worse than the financial crisis of 2008.

the Americans fear that because of the possible emergence of many unemployed in the country to increase crime, and in connection with the coronavirus to protect ordinary people is no one. In this regard, the people began to actively purchased weapons, creating a queue at the door of gun shops. Popular Glock pistols and handguns caliber 9 mm, shotgun and expensive semi-automatic AR-15 rifle.

“there are rumors that may be imposed curfews and other restrictions. But nobody really knows what to expect from this epidemic, so people are preparing for the worst”, – quotes the BBC Russian service Manager of one of the gun shops in Virginia. A sharp increase in demand is immediately reflected in the stock indices of the largest arms manufacturers in the United States, whose stock rose significantly.

Main deficit in the United States after the Declaration of a state of emergency steel toilet paper and disinfectants. The shelves with these products in all the stores of Washington and the nearby suburbs emptied two weeks ago. Trump said that unusually empty shelves in the supermarkets appeared due to the fact that “Americans today are buying three to five times more than usual,” and promised that the situation should normalize in the coming days. Increased demand also enjoy pasta, canned food and bottled water.

as of 18 March in the United States remained States without cases of infection with coronavirus. The last state where it was revealed ill became West Virginia. The total number of infected in the country has exceeded 6 thousand people, and the death toll has increased to 108 people.