In the United States because of the death of a detainee by police of a black George Floyd, protests continue, sometimes degenerating into riots. In dozens of American cities – including Washington, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Miami, Portland, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia – authorities in a vain attempt to keep the situation imposed a curfew. What are the deep reasons for the American revolt – this tells us, an expert-americanist.

what is happening in America today, hardly something unprecedented for this country. Similar disturbances have occurred in the past. But it is also clear that the current riots have their own specifics, especially considering the background against which they occur. Does coronavirus crisis on the recent developments in the United States?

– of Course it does – I am sure Director of the Institute of USA and Canada studies Valery Garbuzov. – Each situation has its own biography – and the current protests have their reasons, their reasons. There are universal underlying factors that explain what is happening. But if we talk about the current situation, the crisis with the coronavirus overlap very much. Because most of the infected are representatives of the black community of the United States, many of whom do not really want to abide by the rules that are required by the state. And any event, like what happened in Minneapolis, the effect is very explosive. Moreover, we must bear in mind that this community has always been distinguished for its radicalism in the manifestation of discontent.

the Peculiarity of living enclaves, in crowded ghettos of African Americans is that they quickly organized and rise to a spontaneous protest. And here is a radical, loud, and very resonant response. This is something that concerns the current situation.

as for the General points, they are that almost all of America’s social problems is the problems of its black population. Crime, drug addiction, alcoholism, epidemics – all this greatly affects the black community. The American government for decades trying to solve this problem. But how this is done, only leads to its preservation.

With the different parties in the US political figures are the accusations against leftists and white supremacists, acting as provocateurs and turn legitimate outrage into chaos, looting and violence…

Events are on the way, has not acquired a finished look. What is it? A spontaneous protest of African Americans? Or a protest organized by some white provocateurs? We see that it is a protest of black Americans that the dissatisfaction caused by a certain situation, which is pulled behind a trail of problems that existed always, but were dormant.

it is Clear that this is superimposed on the epidemic of the coronavirus and the campaign, which is a little bit left in the online mode. All these events will be used by opponents of trump, whose reputation as a racist. Although he tries to deny it, but everyone understands how it applies to all non-whites, not only blacks, but also to the Hispanic population. And black Americans is the electorate of the Democratic party. Therefore, it is clear that the Democrats have already started to use all these factors and events against trump.

Although I would not say unequivocally that that is trump to cause it. What is happening today, has happened before and, I believe, will occur within this century from time to time, the root causes still lie in the fact that the problems of the black population in America by and large failed to solve.

and failed to integrate the black community into the American society. This task was once under Lyndon Johnson (U.S. President in 1963-1969: “MK”). But America has gone in a way that the method of integration of African Americans into society through social programs, the introduction of quotas, the distribution of money has led to the fact that the representatives of black Americans are used to it. And their children repeat the lifestyle and priorities of their parents for many decades. If a black child is brought up and lives in the ghetto, he’d be Barack Obama (a rare instance).He doesn’t want to go to University, he has no such desire, and his parents also like no desire. This vicious circle can not escape. This is the reality that, unfortunately, is in America.

Reagan tried to solve this problem in order to have the black population to form the motivation to change your life, by reducing social programs that act as a drug. But he has failed to carry out such large-scale reform. And the other successors of Reagan for it and not taken. So this problem is always to jump out.

against the backdrop of these underlying problems in the American media once again misses the version of a foreign – i.e. Russian – track in the riots that swept the United States. What is it? The desire to find the guilty anywhere but in ourselves?

– In the current situation American journalists don’t think about which I spoke. On the surface they have the cause of all internal problems of the United States always fixate on Russia. And the conviction that Moscow intervened, intervenes, and will intervene in the internal Affairs, almost one hundred percent.

Therefore whatever happens in this respect in the United States, all looking for evidence that “for sure, without Russia here not obos��axis, because Russia sees the line of separation in the United States and is trying to further exacerbate this separation to the inside to blow up our state”.

Such is the logic – of course, quite primitive. But nevertheless in demand today. Evidence relating to the alleged interference, whatever they may bring, obviously, too superficial. Sometimes it comes to some sort of mania, but nothing surprising here…

– it is Difficult to say anything certain about the future of the situation which is still in development. But can we assume, what can result of what is happening in America today?

– As usual, everything is solved? Usually the President makes eloquent speeches. And well, if you have a well-known black activist. Or opinion leaders of the black community.

I Think at some stage will be their speeches, addresses to black Americans. It plays a specific role in the riots came to naught.

But there are usual methods – arrests of the instigators of the proceedings, maybe even bringing to trial. After all, radical speeches are on the verge of offense, and maybe crime is on the part of blacks, because people themselves do not hold back when the crowd shows its anger.

So you will apply an integrated approach. I don’t think if will be the trump, the black Americans who hate him with all my heart, to perceive his treatment. But if in such a situation, knowing that it threatens the entire society will be the leaders of public opinion – the same Hillary Clinton, and probably Barack Obama, they can perceive it.