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last year I talked to born in the Soviet Union, a woman who studies and teaches in an American state University. I use a quote from our discussion in my new book (coming out in September), “Live not by lies” (Live Not By Lies). This morning she sent me an email which I quote here with her permission.

“I know from your blog that your new book is going well, and I’m glad of that, because it is actually very necessary. I notice some troubling developments in my College town, even though we, in fact, are not some special school for “awakened one” youth (wokester), which we usually associate with this kind of stuff.

In the course of this academic year I had the opportunity to work together with future scientists from the academic environment. It’s the people who just received the degree of doctor of science (PhD) and spent the first year of his teaching contract. I, in fact, scared that they really believe in this dogma, the “awakened one” (woke dogma), dogma in particular and a proper understanding of the social and racial issues, followers of which are “awakened” (woke). Older people — forty, fifty or sixty years — can, like parrots, to repeat the mantra is awakened, because everyone in academic circles doing it because you need to survive. However, the younger generation actually believe it.

Transgender women; black students failed the exam in differential calculus that beforeno meta professors who “look like they’re”; “belosto” (whiteness) is the most tyrannical thing in the world; the United States is the most evil country in history; all the people who vote for Republicans are racists; all the people attending the Church, the fanatics, and the hijab promotes deep release. I slightly laughed at some of the topics listed above (usually we, the older members of the academic community, and do), and then, two of the younger teachers in this group, whom I took care of, actually burst into tears. They deeply believe in all of this, I would even say fanatically believe that you are just not able to understand why I’m not taking any of this seriously.

This fanatical gleam in their eyes to me, really, scary.

in the USSR In the 1970s and in 1980-ies nobody believed in existing dogma. People repeating ideological mantras for cynical reasons — to secure a career or to obtain food rations. Many did so to protect children. But no one sincerely didn’t believe it. This is what saved us in the end. Once the mode is a little weak, he was already doomed because those who believe in him have already left. And all those who are serious about the existing dogma, belonged to the generation of my great-grandparents.

However, in the United States this generation of fanatical believers is only now beginning to quantitatively grow and strengthen. We will have to wait until their grandchildren, and only then, will we see a generation that is already very tired of the dogma, and then they will turn to the freedom of thought and speech. However, this will have to wait a very long time.

I am onecznym leader of a group of young scholars in the Humanities and help them in their research work, but I’m starting to hate this feature. Young scientists, almost without exception, believe that scientific work consists entirely of a completely uncritical repetition of the slogans of the concept of “awakening”. This is another difference from the Soviet Union, where scholars have seasoned his compositions relevant quotes, but they are always proud of the fact that secretly included elements of real thinking and real analysis, along with the required ideological nonsense. Since the 1970-ies every Soviet scientist, he was a dissident at heart, and everyone knew that the ideology was rotten at its core.

All this is very sad and very scary.

That the book you write is very important and I hope that many people will hear your message.”

the Contexta man reads a newspaper The New York TimesTAC: the American “Truth”The American Conservative01.06.2019 TAC: immoral American soobshestvo American Conservative04.03.2019 TAC: how to display Russian?The American Conservative10.11.2019 TAC: Russian the twilight of late Imperial Americathe American Conservative05.01.2020 the American people, my friends, is extremely naive about what awaits us. We just can’t imagine that people want to cry when faced with mild criticism of their political beliefs, can once come to power. But they are already in power — in the sense that they had bewitched the leaders of the American institutions. In my opinion, the conflict in 2015, on the campus of Yale University between Professor Nicolas Christakisom (Nicholas Christakis) and screaming students were deeply symbolic. Christakis used the technique step-by-step logical beliefs in order to establish contact with these young people. But no result is not given. They shouted, insulted and cried. The fact that he disagreed with them, they took it as an attack on their person.

Yale, And obeyed them!

This case is simply outrageous and cannot understand how these people will ever be to control us. Listen to what they say, those who grew up under communism!

that said, Nadine Gordimer (Nadine Gordimer):

“All young people are ready to make decisions in the spirit of communism or fascism when there are no alternatives to despair and degradation”.

the Religion of social justice in a hurry to fill this vacuum. Nice liberals and nice conservatives can’t afford to think about where it might lead. Solzhenitsyn understood this perfectly:

“If the intellectuals in Chekhov’s plays, all hadassim what will happen in twenty or thirty or forty years, would say that in 40 years Russia will torture a consequence, it will compress the skull with an iron ring, to lower the person in a bath of acid, naked and bound to torture ants, bed bugs, hot to drive on the Primus ramrod in anal hole (the”secret brand”), slowly crush the heel of the sexual parts, and in the most easy — to torture for a week insomnia, thirst, beating him into a bloody meat — no one would be the Chekhov play did not reach the end, all the heroes would go in the crazy house.”

this is What happened with Dr. Krchmeri Sylvester (Silvester Krcmery), with the Slovak Catholic Church, the leader of the underground Church, whichhave airewele and tortured in a Communist prison for his faith and resistance. In his memoirs, written after the collapse of communism, Krchmeri warns future generations that the past can be a prelude to the future if they are not careful:

“We are often very naive in our thinking. We live happy and protected, with the idea that in a civilized country, mainly in the cultural and democratic medium of our time, this kind of forced mode is impossible. We forget that in fragile States political structure may lead to indoctrination, and terror under which the individual elements and stages of the brainwashing will have been implemented. This sort of thing, as a rule, are not striking. However, in a very short time all this can turn into a completely undemocratic system.”

Hannah Arendt (Hannah Arendt) in published in his 1951 work “the Origins of totalitarianism” (The Origins of Totalitarianism) have listed the factors in the German and Russian societies, which made them susceptible, respectively, to Nazism and Bolshevism

“Loneliness, social atomization, the loss of faith in hierarchy and institutions, the desire to cross the line and destroy, indifference to the truth and the desire to believe a useful lie, a maniacal attitude to ideology, society, which is more valued than expertise, the politicization of everything.”

If you think we’re not going full speed to all these things, you just don’t pay attention to what is happening.

Feature: Some people seem to think that list of Hannah Arendt is a charge in Adrafrom the left. It is not, at least, of such an intention she had. She believes that these factors were present in Germany, which was moving towards the extreme right, and in Russia, which was moving in the direction of the extreme left. In my opinion, these factors are present in our society. And to the point. Some of them are noticeable stronger than the left, it is true, but I believe they are all just there. The loneliness peculiar to the right or left? And social atomization?

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